Aldi Advent Calendars 2020: Hard Seltzer Calendar Joins Wine, Cheese

We've been counting down the days since last Christmas, and someĀ big news has finally arrived: Aldi advent calendars are coming back. The ever-popular grocery store chain announced its 2020 lineup of advent calendars, and with 20 choices, thereĀ is a countdown to Christmas for every foodie.

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One of the new calendars should come as no surprise to those who follow the biggest food and drink trends. Oh yes, there's a hard seltzer advent calendar featuring 24 cans of Vista Bay Hard Seltzer in 12 different flavors, from classics like blueberry and blood orange to hybrid flavors such as raspberry lime and coconut mango.

Aldi is also launching an O'Donnells 12 Days of Irish Country Cream Calendar, because ending (or starting) your day with a little Irish coffee during the holidays is the definition of cozy.

Classics such as the wine advent calendar, cheese advent calendar, beer advent calendar and chocolate advent calendars are also returning.

There are also calendars for dogs, cats, kids and crafters. They range in price point as well. The Choceur Advent Calendar is just $1.39, while the wine advent calendar tops off at $69.99.

Mark your regular ol' wall calendar for Nov. 4, when 17 of these advent calendars will arrive at Aldi locations in an event the grocery store chain is dubbing National Advent Calendar Day. The Moser Roth 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar and O'Donnells 12 Days of Irish Country Cream Calendar will be in stores on Nov. 25, and the Sparkling Countdown to the New Year will follow on Dec. 2.

Can't decide which advent calendar is right for you? Or maybe you just want them all. If that's the case and if you're just counting down the days till you can count down the days, that's one of the many signs you just may be obsessed with Christmas.