What Exactly Is The New Little Caesars Detroit Pizza Hotline?

For over two decades, Little Caesars has offered one of the greatest deals in American chain restaurant history. You could walk into any one of the pizza joints' myriad locations, slap a fiver down on the counter, and you'd walk out of there with a piping hot and ready-to-eat pie. Tragically, CNN reports that in early 2022, the chain raised the price of its pizza to a staggering $5.55.

Despite this affront to the nation's collective wallets, the chain has not stopped trying to craft new and delicious ways to get pizza into its customers' pie holes. Little Caesars attempted nationwide delivery in 2020 and experimented with wacky flavors, like this Fritos pizza, in an attempt to catch attention. 

Though the $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza may be a relic of the past, one of its successors may be worth the extra cost. For $8.99, you can try the chain's Detroit-Style Deep Dish pizza, a thick, rectangular pie that features a cheese mountain on top of a caramelized, chewy crust, per The Detroit News. If you want to take that price even lower, you might be able to call up Little Caesars itself on a hotline and receive restitution for your previous pizza faux pas.

If you've eaten Detroit-style pizza, you might be entitled to financial compensation

According to a Little Caesars press release, to market its new Detroit-style pizza, Little Caesars has put together a clever marketing campaign that draws inspiration from legal ads. The commercial stars a bonafide attorney who tells potential customers that anyone who ate a Detroit-style pizza from a restaurant that wasn't Little Caesars may be eligible for a delicious deal.

If you or a loved one has eaten Detroit-style pizza that wasn't purchased at Little Caesars, you can start by calling 1-800-428-DEEP. You'll then be redirected to the Detroit-Style Compensation website. Once there, you can upload a clear picture of the outside pizza establishment's receipt, and Little Caesars will provide you with a promo code for $3 off of its Detroit-Style Deep Dish pizza. The commercial will be aired nationally, but in Plano, Texas, you can see the campaign's lawyer offering cheesy compensation on billboards and public transportation advertisements.