When Does Shoney's Stop Serving Breakfast?

Starting your day with a hearty breakfast and a steaming cup of coffee is arguably one of the best experiences that life has to offer. Common early-morning selections like eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns can be enjoyed at any time. And when you're not feeling up to cooking a five-star breakfast on your own, you'll naturally look to your favorite dining establishments to satisfy your craving. For many people, that means paying a visit to their local diner, or if there's one in your area, it's Shoney's.

According to Shoney's website, the beloved establishment has been proudly serving diners since 1947. The first location originated in Charleston, WV, but the chain has now established a presence in 16 states. Shoney's remains committed to its core values written in its slogan — "Fresh Food. Family First. Community Focused." many would say the restaurant continually meets these high standards via excellent customer service and is active in plenty of community outreach. As for their menu, breakfast items are among the most beloved. Which leads many diners to ponder just when the chain stops providing breakfast for the day.

Why more restaurants don't have all-day breakfast

It seems like most restaurants would benefit from serving breakfast all day long, given the substantial customer demand for it. However, Your Restaurant Business explains that there are lots of good reasons for a time-limited breakfast menu. First and foremost, restaurants strive to meet the needs of every single one of their customers. Once lunch and dinner roll around, there will naturally be fewer people interested in breakfast items, despite how passionate all-day breakfast lovers may appear. Accordingly, dining establishments want to ensure all food cravings are met equally.

Then there's the issue of storage space within the establishment. An extended breakfast menu means more space is needed for the ingredients used to make these dishes. This can cut back on space for other ingredients, which can impact an establishment's bottom line if they run out of some other beloved menu item. Loss of money will also occur if a restaurant owner overestimates the demand for breakfast, as they can end up with a lot of wasted food. Despite these constraints, it looks like Shoney's does its very best to meet the needs of its patrons when it comes to breakfast.

How to get your breakfast fix from Shoney's

The question of when Shoney's stops serving breakfast does not necessarily have a straightforward answer. When it comes to hours of operation, you'll need to check out your local establishment's schedule. For example, the location page for the Nashville Shoney's lists the hours of operation as 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on both weekdays and weekends. As for breakfast, the printable menu refers to "All-Day Breakfast," much to the delight of patrons. And while there's no specific time limit mentioned in the online version of the menu, it does state that grits are only served "during breakfast hours."

The restaurant is also well known for its Fresh Food Bar, which includes the Legendary Breakfast Bar featuring your favorite early-morning item served buffet-style. However, the website does not state an end time for the breakfast bar, or when lunch and dinner items become available at the buffet. When in doubt, find your desired location on the website and contact it directly. The friendly staff will be more than happy to answer your questions regarding breakfast and other items.