Michael Symon Just Shared His Top Tip To Avoid 'Rubbery' Pizza Dough

While people can debate New York versus deep-dish being among the best pizzas in America, or which pizza topping reigns supreme, the reality is that one element separates the great from the merely good. It all comes down to the crust, which starts with the dough. Putting aside pre-made options, Romano Pizza suggests that the best dough comes from hard work, consistency, and the understanding that there are no shortcuts. If the base for the sauce, cheese, and other toppings is not delicious, then the slice will not be superior.

While some pizza makers will never reveal their recipe secrets, My Pizza Corner breaks down frequent pizza dough mishaps and their fixes. One common error is that the dough is too doughy and soft. There can be four reasons why it's so flabby and floppy: underproofed dough, overproofed dough, issues with temperature, and improper dough stretching.

Although it is impossible to rectify once the pizza is cooked, taking a step back can solve the problem going forward. Mistakes happen in the kitchen, but good cooks learn from those issues. Recently, when a Twitter user asked Michael Symon for advice to fix rubbery pizza dough, the celebrated chef rose to the occasion and offered a simple solution.

Michael Symon gives pizza dough advice that home cooks 'knead' to know

Periodically, Michael Symon answers cooking questions on social media. Recently a Twitter user asked chef Symon how to correct his rubbery dough and wondered why it does not bounce back when it is stretched. Chef Symon answered, "Let it ferment in fridge for 2-3 days first -free forming into balls .. then let it sit at room temp for a hr or 2 before stretching." While that answer might delay that pizza dinner, the idea is that the dough is underproofed. The extra time in the fridge allows bubbles to form in the dough, which prevents it from being too dense.

The second part, allowing the pizza dough to come to room temperature, makes it easier to handle. A well-stretched dough ensures that the pizza is consistently cooked. After all, no one wants crispy edges and a doughy center.

Although he might not be throwing pies every day, Michael Symon knows his way around a pizza stone. From making a pizza on the grill to a traditional grandma's slice, the celebrated chef appreciates that good technique will make for a better bite. Great pizza dough requires some patience, so those unwilling to wait will just have to place an order for their favorite slice.