What's The Best Creamer Flavor? Here's What Coffee Fans Say - Daily Meal Survey

For the majority of Americans, the ritual of pouring a cup of coffee to start the day isn't complete until adding in the milk or creamer. FineDining Lovers reports that 65% of the country takes their coffee with cream and sugar added, meaning that the uniquely beautiful swirl of cream in coffee is a common sight across the United States.

Adding cream or milk to coffee might be a beloved practice in the modern world, but in the long-running history of coffee, it's a fairly new practice. Arabica Coffee Co. reports that coffee was first popularized in the Horn of Africa and in the Middle East, at a time when consuming dairy milk would not have been common. The idea of adding this strange liquid to a drink that was meant to be strong, bitter, and black would have seemed quite alien to early coffee cultures.

While there's no origin story (that we know of) for adding milk to coffee, most agree that it probably occurred in the burgeoning French coffee house scene first. Cream's natural ability to help balance out the harsher qualities of the era's coffee made it a natural fit and helped the drink spread throughout Europe.

Now, creamer culture has become a beast of its own, and an abundance of options has flooded the market. We were curious about the most popular flavors though, and so we decided to survey our readers to find out.

Classic vanilla takes first place

In the modern creamer market, flavors have become so abundant that they have paved the way for ideas such as mystery flavors from Starbucks and branded partnerships with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. In fact, new varieties are popping up every day and we want to know which flavor options are most popular. The question, believe it or not, led to a heated race.

According to our survey of 588 participants, the number one coffee creamer flavor is the classic and smooth vanilla. Nearly a third of respondents, 192 of them, agree that this is the best coffee creamer flavor.

The race for second place was highly contested though. Hazelnut, caramel, and plain creamer flavors nearly came in a three-way tie with each taking about 20% of the total vote. Hazelnut came away with second place by a mere two votes, with 122 people favoring it, and left both caramel and plain to settle for a third-place tie with 120 votes each. The remaining flavor, cinnamon, was decidedly the least favorite, only pulling in 34 votes. 

If you're wrinkling your nose at these flavors, or rather not add store-bought creamer to your cup of joe, you can always try your hand at a healthy homemade coffee creamer and flavor it as you'd prefer.