We Tried New Cinnamon Toast Crunch And Funfetti Creamers

This week, Coffee Mate announced new creamers that had us all up in our feels about two childhood treats: Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Funfetti. The nostalgic flavors will hit the dairy section of your favorite grocery store in January for $3.99 per 32-ounce bottle, but is it good enough for your morning joe?

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Thanks to the team at Coffee Mate, a Nestle-owned brand, Daily Meal editors were able to taste test the new products before their official launch and we really liked them. Without coming off as completely insane, we tried the creamers on their own before putting them in coffee and they tasted exactly like the flavors they are based on. Cinnamon Toast Crunch may as well have been cereal milk and Funfetti tasted just like vanilla cake. No, there are no rainbow sprinkles in this creamer.

Once they were actually poured in the coffee (medium roast from Starbucks), we thought the Cinnamon Toast Crunch came through nicer than the Funfetti did. It mostly tasted like we put cinnamon in coffee, and some of our editors do that every day anyway, but we didn't totally get the cereal part. Regardless, two out of three components (milk and cinnamon) are a win in our book.

After putting a little more Funfetti in, most of us decided that that was our favorite. One editor even said she'd "down that whole thing if [she] wouldn't get judged for it.," adding that it tastes great in coffee and she's not even a coffee person. It's a really nice option for getting novelty flavors at home instead of opting for pricier options at a shop. Also, both are dairy- and lactose-free.

Next year, Coffee Mate will also release three additional creamers under its Natural Bliss line including plant-based Cashew Milk ($3.29), which tastes just like cashew. It's very buttery, but there is no butter. Cashews are just naturally buttery and that really shines through. It has a great mouthfeel and a pleasantly strong nutty flavor.

"I'm not a nut milk person because I very much enjoy dairy, but I really liked the cashew," one editor said. "It was creamy and satisfying."

Whipped Buttercream, unlike many other creamers, contains real dairy and it is super sweet. It's supposed to mimic frosting and it hits the nail on the head. It's like taking that giant dollop of buttercream off the top of your slice of cake and shoving it straight into your mouth without remorse. We've all been there. This might be too much for people who like moderately sweet things, but if people often ask you, "Do you want any coffee with that creamer?" this is probably perfect for you.

One of our editors never drinks coffee that actually tastes like coffee. She prefers sugary lattes and Frappuccinos, but she really liked this creamer. She said, "I can't take my coffee bitter at all. It has to be totally sweet. The Natural Bliss Whipped Buttercream actually allowed me to enjoy straight coffee."

Last but not least is the unsweetened half-and-half creamer made with almond and coconut milk. This one is already on shelves, but it was just approved as keto-friendly, so the brand is going to roll out new labeling soon to make that clear. We do have one editor who is currently following the keto diet and he said, "It tastes like nothing." The rest of us, who aren't keto, didn't like it, but it is a better-for-you alternative to caloric creamers loaded with sugar. It's not exactly a health food to begin with, so it should come as no surprise that some of your favorite store-bought coffee creamers are the worst ones for you.