Trader Joe's New Pasta Variety Box Is Only Here For A Limited Time

It's no wonder that the grocery store chain Trader Joe's has developed such a devoted fan base. Forbes reports that there are several odd choices made by the chain that seem at odds with other trends but are also the keys to its success.

One of the most obvious reasons for this is that they are able to keep costs surprisingly low. Another is their unique customer service approach. Fans are able to taste any product in the store simply by asking one of the employees. They'll often rip the bag or box open right in the aisle to give any hungry customers a taste of what's new.

It's a good thing too since their frequently rotating stock seems to be constantly changing, and introducing new items for fans to drool over. This extends their customer service experience beyond the store as fans can subscribe to the Fearless Flyer newsletter to find out what new product comes in every week. With gift-giving and hosting season well upon us, it's a great time to see what's new with this beloved grocery chain.

The set features a selection of dried pasta

According to Trader Joe's List, one of its newest offerings is a Panoply of Organic Pasta box set. Trader Joe's says that this set of five pasta shapes is the perfect gift for the pasta lover in your life (even if that person is you). Each bag contains seven ounces of bronze-die extruded pasta that are made with organic ingredients. One excited Instagram commenter proclaimed, "I'm so excited I bought two today! One for me and one for my mom for Christmas." "Can't decide if I'm gifting this set or eating it," said another commenter.

This variety pack contains striped farfalline, striped papillon, lemon flavored torchietti, striped fischietti, and ortolana creste di gallo pasta shapes. The unique colored stripes in some of the pastas are all derived from naturally derived coloring agents. One of the best things about this pasta set is that it can serve as the inspiration for a festive pasta night feast. It will probably make more than a few gift lists, seeing as it sells for a reasonable $9.99. With a price like that this limited-edition item likely won't be around for long.