Wendy's Is Giving Out Free Fries If The US Men's National Soccer Team Wins

This Friday, November 25, the US Men's Soccer Team will be squaring up against England in the 2022 World Cup (via IGN). The United States is the clear underdog in the contest, ranking number 16 while England comes in at number five. The last time the two teams squared off, it resulted in a draw, which could be possible again this year — IGN notes that England, although talented, hasn't been playing at its maximum potential lately.

The reward for sports fans goes beyond the thrill of winning, however. Much like 2022's Super Bowl, when Buffalo Wild Wings agreed to give out a six-count of wings if the game went into overtime (per People). DiGiorno did something similar, rewarding fans with a free pizza if the score spelled out the first three numbers of pie (3-14 or 14-3) at any point in the game. This time, the freebies are coming from Wendy's, and it all comes down to the final score this Friday at 2 p.m.

Wendy's UK has agreed to the bet

According to a post on Wendy's Twitter account, the fast food chain known for square hamburger patties will be rewarding fans with free fries if the US Men's Soccer Team upsets England this Friday. "Hey @wendysuk USA vs England this Friday. Let's put all the chips on the table. If we win, FREE fries with purchase in the Wendy's app for the entire USA," the brand tweeted. Wendy's UK replied to the bet, writing "IT'S ON... free chips for England if we win."

Twitter users on the United States Wendy's post poured their feelings into the comments section. "That's an amazing deal I love free fries," said one user. "First time I'll actually be interested in soccer," another comment read. One smart fan asked the question that matters most: "What if there's a draw??" Wendy's has yet to provide an answer, so it's probably best to keep your eyes peeled for an announcement later in the week.