Daily Meal Unearths What Pizza Lovers Think Is The Worst Topping - Exclusive Survey

A fresh, hot box of pizza is a great go-to meal for nearly any type of gathering. With its heavenly combination of hot, fluffy dough, sweet tomato sauce, and soft and bubbly cheese, it's certainly something that can please even the pickiest of eaters. According to The Washington Post, three billion pies are consumed every year in the U.S. alone. That's a whole lot of pizza. Still, past its most basic makeup, things always start to heat up whenever pizza toppings are discussed.

Whether you're a fan of the controversial pineapple and ham pizza, which, according to the BBC, has its origins in Canada circa the 1960s, or you stand by a healthy serving of pepperoni on your pie, it's nearly impossible to make everyone happy with one choice. And while most people have an opinion on what's good on a pie, many pizza lovers have an even bigger take on what's just plain wrong. In order to help you avoid some controversy at your next party, we conducted a survey to find out which topping foodies despise most on their pizzas.

The worst pizza topping may not surprise you

According to a survey of 567 Americans, The Daily Meal found that the most unpopular item to put on a pizza is anchovies. Taking almost half of the votes as the worst pizza topping with 43.03%, the choice isn't much of a surprise. According to Slate, anchovy pizza is actually one of the earliest iterations of a pizza pie, dating all the way back to the 18th century. But just because it's got history doesn't mean we have to like it.

The runner-up for worst pizza topping goes to, you may have guessed, the infamous pineapple garnering 16.40% of the votes. At this point, it's become something everyone loves to hate, and according to the BBC, that could be due to the fact that it breaks away from traditional pizza combinations. 

Coming in third place for least-liked pizza toppings we have both onions and mushrooms tied at 11.64%. Other contenders are green peppers, which 52 people said no thanks to, and black olives with 46 people passing on those. While you may be a fan of any one of these unpopular toppings, it still might be a good idea to stay away from them when you're ordering a pie at your next get-together. Sometimes it's just best to stick with the basics.