It's Time To Put The Pineapple Pizza Debate To Bed

Somehow, some way, pineapple pizza has become the most controversial food of 2017. The president of Iceland wanted to ban it. Gordon Ramsay declared it his most hated food and choked it down for charity. Meanwhile, the New Zealand's prime minister declared that he loves pineapple pizza. Just in this last week, Nick Jonas released a pro-pineapple pizza song and an Australian pizzeria turned an anti-gay marriage ad into an anti-pineapple pizza ad. But I'm here to say one thing and one thing alone: It's time to end the pineapple pizza debate.

I actually like pineapple on pizza. It's not my default go-to topping, but sometimes, I just want a Hawaiian pizza. But my preference for a slice of pineapple pizza isn't why I'm sick of hearing people talking about this dish.

If you find the sweet tang of pineapple a direct contrast to the gooey cheese and herbaceous tomato sauce on a pizza, that's fine. But maybe you should shut up about it. Some folks find mushrooms horrifically rubbery and offensive, others won't even pick the sausage off their slice of pizza because it's so overpowering, and plenty of people think that adding fresh tomatoes to your pizza makes them an acid-bomb. But you don't see them frequently debating the merit of those toppings on the Internet. They simply don't order them. There's a reason that pizza shops offer more than one topping on their menu! It's because people have different tastes. I know. It's shocking.

At the end of the day, people need to chill out and let people order whatever the heck they want on pizza. If you don't like pineapple, go half-and-half with your dining partner. But it's time to stop judging people on how they order pizza. The next time you go to one of the best pizzerias in America, ordering what you want and then just eating it without judging others will make you much, much happier.

Carolyn Menyes is the entertain and holidays editor at The Daily Meal. Her preferred pizza is pepperoni and banana peppers. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.