Which Is The Best Alcohol-Soda Combination? - Exclusive Survey

When you're in the mood for a fun drink but not feeling up to mixing an entire cocktail, combining alcohol with soda can be an easy way to make a mixed drink using what you already have on hand. And, according to NPR, you may even need fewer drinks to quench that craving. Sugary drinks reportedly slow down the absorption of alcohol, but if you opt for a less-sugary diet soda, that barrier isn't there.

Thrillist notes that some sodas combine exceptionally well with alcohols, and you can often pair any soda you have on hand with a complementary alcohol. If you have a can of Sprite in your fridge, try mixing it with tequila or whiskey. Thrillist says the combination of 7-Up and spiced rum actually tastes similarly to cream soda. Of course, there's always the classic rum and Coca-Cola combination, well-known and favored by many as a quick, cheap drink. But which alcohol-soda combination is the best of all?

The most popular choice is a classic

Daily Meal surveyed 601 readers to find out what the most popular soda and alcohol combinations were. Rum and Coke won the most votes, with almost half of the survey's respondents stating that it was their preferred alcohol-soda mix. Considering the drink is one of the most well-known combinations, it's no surprise that 42.6% of people surveyed prefer it. In second place, with 19.8%, is vodka and Sprite. The lemon-lime soda adds some bright, bubbly flavor to the liquor.

Whiskey and ginger ale claimed 12.65% of the vote, with tequila and Mountain Dew following close behind at 10.65%. According to Occasional Cocktails, the combination of tequila with Mountain Dew's citrus flavor turn into something reminiscent of a margarita

Finally, in last place, with only 6.49%, was vodka and Diet Coke. Evidently, the combination doesn't work as well as the classic rum and Coke, but some still prefer it — including singer Taylor Swift, per Liquor Barons Carlisle.

One popular drink has an interesting history

Soda is a popular mixer for many alcoholic beverages. Rum and Coke is an iconic drink, and it can be ordered at almost any bar you go to. The drink was invented in Cuba in the early 1900s, according to Old Liquors. Coca-Cola was brought into Cuba by American troops. And the drink, which was originally called the "Cuba Libre," was created in celebration of Cuba's liberation of Spanish rule after the Spanish-American War.

The original recipe called for a mix of rum, Coca-Cola, and fresh-squeezed lime juice, all poured over ice. The lime juice reportedly added a sour contrast to the sweetness of the Coca-Cola and rum. Though the drink focuses more on the two titular ingredients these days, perhaps served with a slice of lime on the rim, its popularity has persevered — and Daily Meal's exclusive survey results show just that.