The Best Italian Bakeries In Every State

When it comes to national cuisines, Italians have a lot they can boast about. For one thing, there's pizza, one of the most popular meals in the world, per The Washington Post. And of course, we can't forget about pasta. Add to this a healthy dash of illustrious drinks, including the negroni, and it quickly becomes apparent that Italy is home to one of the world's most prominent cuisines.

In America, the love for Italian cuisine runs deep thanks to nearly 200 years of cultural integration (via National Geographic). So deep in fact that there are some 100,000 Italian restaurants operating in America. Many of these serve the two giants of Italian food — pizza and pasta. However, there is another facet of Italian cuisine that is also widely sold in the United States — baked goods.

Italians began baking bread more than 2,000 years ago, per Italy Magazine, and have since perfected the art. Yet, it isn't just bread that is found in Italian bakeries, but some of the world's favorite sweet treats, including the iconic sfogliatella (via Atlas Obscura). Italian bakeries have become institutions across America with these delightful specialties being found in just about every state. Read on to discover the very best Italian bakeries each state has to offer.

Alabama: Continental Bakery, Birmingham Breadworks

Given that Alabama is an extremely southern state, it might come as little surprise that there are not many prominent Italian bakeries within the area. This fact is attributable to the relatively small number of Italian immigrants that moved to the area during the 20th century, as reported in Italian Americana. However, there are plenty of fantastic bakeries within Alabama that produce the odd Italian product. Continental Bakery in Birmingham makes an exceptional naked Italian cheesecake, and Birmingham Breadworks bakes loaves of ciabatta, as well as hand-rolled Italian bread sticks.

Alaska: Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop

Another state that understandably lacks Italian bakeries is Alaska. Yet, the overall bakery scene in the northernmost state is thriving, especially in Anchorage. Here, Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop is touted as the best in town (via TripAdvisor). The fantastic array of both savory and sweet bakes has led this particular bakery to gain acclaim outside of the state too, appearing in articles written by national publications such as The New York Times. Furthermore, during his time at Fire Island, ex-head baker Carlyle Watt received a James Beard nomination for outstanding baker, per Anchorage Daily News.

Arizona: The Sicilian Baker, My Daddy's Italian Bakery

Despite being situated in the southwest of the country, Arizona is still home to several superb Italian bakeries. Chief among these is The Sicilian Baker, which has locations in Phoenix, Peoria, and Chandler. Celebrity chef Joey Maggiore is the person behind The Sicilian Baker and is responsible for some of the bakery's most iconic attractions including a build-your-own cannoli bar.

My Daddy's Italian Bakery is another favorite of Arizonians. Based in the small city of Surprise, the bakery is a classic mom-and-pop business and is known for its huge range of traditional Italian pastries, per Google Reviews.

Arkansas: Ambrosia Bakery Co.

Located in Hot Springs, Ambrosia Bakery Co. brings some Italian treats to the state of Arkansas. Some of their delectable offerings include a ricotta-filled cannoli and a classic Italian cream cake, which, according to one reviewer on Google Reviews, "is the best!" Another reviewer also declared, "They have the best Italian cream cake you'll An extensive breakfast, sandwich, and lunch menu is also served. The full range of products, from pastries to breakfasts, are reported as being of extremely high quality, meaning that no matter your tastes, there is something at Ambrosia Bakery Co. for you.

California: Victoria Bakery, Eagle Rock Italian Bakery, Zucchero

There are a number of quality Italian bakeries in California, but there are a few that clearly stand as the state's best. Victoria Bakery in Greenbrae has over 100 years of authentic Italian baking knowledge, much of which has been passed down in a handwritten recipe book.

In Los Angeles, Eagle Rock Italian Bakery & Deli is a favorite of both locals and tourists. Many claim that the cannoli, pignolis, and zeppoles are so good that they feel as if they've been transported back to New York City (via Yelp). In San Diego, Zucchero features a range of Italian sweet treats that are made daily, including gelato, cannoli, and struffoli.

Colorado: Dolce Sicilia Italian Bakery

Dolce Sicilia Italian Bakery in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, is, as one reviewer puts it, "A piece of Italy in Colorado." Known for producing classic specialties such as lobster tails and cannoli, the bakery has also made a name for itself by baking its own ciabatta and panettones. One Italian New Yorker even went as far as to suggest that the treats here ranked as some of the best he had ever enjoyed both in America and Italy. Furthermore, the bakery also offers sandwiches that feature playful Italian fillings, such as eggplant parmigiana.

Connecticut: Lucibello's Italian Pastry Shop, DiMare Pastry Shop

Connecticut's culinary scene has benefited greatly from Italian influences. Ranked as the best bakery in New Haven on TripAdvisor, Lucibello's Italian Pastry Shop has been making incredible Italian treats for more than 90 years, including pasticiotti and Napoleon cannoli, meaning it has more than earned its spot on our list.

The number of New Yorkers moving to Greenwich reached a new high during the Coronavirus pandemic (via Insider), and many were likely relieved to find DiMare Pastry Shop on their new doorstep. This bakery produces some of the very best cannoli, cakes, and other delights in the whole of Connecticut, per Yelp.

Delaware: Frank and Louie's Italian Specialties, Serpe's Bakery

Ranked as the absolute best place for desserts in Rehoboth Beach on TripAdvisor, Frank and Louie's Italian Specialties offers a fantastic range of sweet treats, including fruit crostatas and biscotti. What's more, the establishment even offers delicious made-to-order sandwiches served on fresh, homemade ciabatta bread.

Further north, in Elsmere, Serpe's Bakery has been serving the community since 1952 and was voted "Readers Choice Best Bakery" in The News Journal from 2001 to 2011. The bakery specializes in traditional Italian pastries; however, many regulars insist you simply have to order the tomato pie, as per Google Reviews.

Florida: Pan'e Dolci Italian Bakery, Paisano's Italian Bakery

While Florida is better known for being influenced by Cuban culture, there still remains an undercurrent of Italian cuisine, as exemplified by the number of Italian bakeries that span the state. Pan'e Dolci Italian Bakery in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea features handmade gelato, decadent pastries, and beautiful desserts and was awarded a Traveler's Choice award in 2022, per TripAdvisor.

In Sarasota, Paisano's Italian Bakery serves a number of Italian classics, such as pignolis, cassata cakes, and sfogliatelle. One reviewer on TripAdvisor even said, "The best Italian pastries I've ever eaten in the United States."

Georgia: Pala Bakery, Alpine Bakery

Pala Bakery, which only opened in February 2022, has quickly become an important part of both the Paces and West Buckhead communities in Atlanta. Giovanni Di Palma and his son Johnny own several other Italian eateries in Atlanta (via Buckhead). Pala has become renowned for its excellent Roman pizza, as well as pastries, including cornetti and ciambella.

Alpine Bakery in Woodstock and Crabapple offers an incredible array of baked goods, including over 20 types of cookies and enough cakes and pastries to fill over 60 feet worth of counter space. The abundance of options has made the bakery become highly popular with locals and tourists alike (via Yelp).

Hawaii: Fabiani's Bakery and Pizza

It will likely come as no surprise that there aren't a ton of Italian bakeries on Hawaii's islands. However, there are a few establishments that offer a selection of classic Italian bakes, ensuring your craving for a cannoli need not go unsatisfied. One bakery on Maui that provides this service is Fabiani's Bakery and Pizza. Here, pizza is routinely followed by an array of pastries and desserts, including favorites such as cannoli and tiramisu (via TripAdvisor). Everything on the menu is of such a quality that Fabiani's is ranked in the top 10 of all restaurants in Kihei by TripAdvisor.

Idaho: Bella Biscotteria, Zeppole Bakery

As Idaho 6 News reports, Bella Biscotteria was launched by Adrian and Robyn Kutch as a way for them to settle into Eagle's community. The shop has been welcomed with open arms, largely thanks to the incredible biscotti and Italian butter cookies the couple makes by hand.

Elsewhere in Idaho, Zeppole Baking Co. has made a name for itself by producing a wide range of artisanal breads and pastries at its two locations in Boise. The bakery's specialties include pane di Como, pane rustica, and ciabatta, which are hand-crafted and baked daily.

Illinois: Scafuri Bakery, D'Amato's Bakery

Thanks to Chicago's long Italian history, many of its Italian bakeries are now institutions, like Scafuri Bakery. Rave reviews have been consistent since it opened in 1904. Today, a whole host of items from Pugliese bread, vanilla cake, and almond biscotti are among the items most favorably reviewed (via Yelp).

Made famous for selling upwards of 1,000 cannoli per week, D'Amato's Bakery is another Chicagoan institution. Working with a coal-fired oven, D'Amato's specializes in homemade Italian breads, as well as focaccia, paninis, cannoli, and tiramisu; and everything is baked daily.

Indiana: Macri's Italian Bakery, Stacco House

Macri's Italian Bakery is a hugely popular spot in South Bend that consistently receives five stars from reviewers (per Google Reviews) thanks to a large selection of exemplary Italian bakes. While known for classics such as cannoli and tiramisu, Macri's sets itself apart by also producing incredibly well-executed specialties, most notably the torta della nonna.

Carmel has been spoiled for Italian treats ever since Stacco House opened in 2020. Stacco has gained a reputation for producing superb Italian pastries, as well as gelato. You can also expect excellent coffee, crisp cannoli, and even pizza if you so desire.

Iowa: Scornovacca's Bakery

Based in Des Moines, Scornovacca's Bakery is one of the few Italian bakeries in the state of Iowa. Fortunately for those living in and around Des Moines, the bakery provides both sweet bakes and savory breads, such as cookies, chocolate biscotti, pepperoni bread, and garlic focaccia. The bakery also produces a range of eat-in or takeaway meals, such as sandwiches. The quality of the products does not falter across the wide-ranging menu, as attested to by consistent, excellent reviews (via Google Reviews). One reviewer mentioned the bakery offers "unique pre-packaged Italian cookies" and that the "fresh cannolis are very good!"

Kansas: Bagatelle Bakery

Bagatelle Bakery is ranked in the top three bakeries in Wichita, according to Yelp, with many customers raving about all aspects of this European-style bakery. One reviewer stated, "Bagatelle Bakery is the best bakery in the Wichita surrounding area," and that "their bread is to die for." Another reviewer said, "Our kids love the cheesecake." For those searching for Italian flavors, the bakery produces fresh ciabatta and Italian loaves. While on the sweeter side of things, the bakery is known for its astounding tiramisu cake. High-quality cakes can also be made to order, meaning a dash of Italian flavor can be used to celebrate any occasion.

Kentucky: Del Gardo's

Steve Del Gardo built Del Gardo's by perfecting one classic Italian treat — the cannoli. From his shop in Covington, Del Gardo has perfected over 100 cannoli filling recipes, which range from St. Patrick — made with Baileys, Jameson whiskey, and a Guinness chocolate drizzle — to apple pie bourbon and everything in between. Around five or six of these unique flavors are available each week in the shop. They are served with Steve's trademark cheer and a warmth that has many customers returning time and again (per Google Reviews).

Louisiana: Angelo Brocato

Angelo Brocato has been a family-owned ice cream parlor and bakery for more than 100 years. During this time, the bakery has introduced the people of New Orleans to a range of new and exciting flavors of gelato, such as torroncino, a vanilla-based gelato with cinnamon almonds. However, it is the range of incredible pastries that really impresses customers. The bakery makes everything from cannoncini to tiramisu to a variety of biscotti flavors. With a Google Review rating of 4.8/5 after over 1,600 reviews, you know that Angelo Brocato is the real deal.

Maine: Solo Pane e Pasticceria, Holy Cannoli

Solo Pane e Pasticceria — which was birthed from the baking program at Solo Cucina Market in South Portland — has taken Bath by storm. This is thanks to excellent products, such as the olive focaccia and cornetti al limone (per Google Reviews). We're sure having top-quality coffee doesn't hurt matters either.

Holy Cannoli in Waterville is another exceptional bakery that makes authentic, handcrafted Italian pastries, pasta, and more. From cannoli to lobster tails to tiramisu and even New York-style cheesecake, this bakery has it all. What's more, it offers excellent gluten-free options, meaning there are treats suitable for everybody.

Maryland: Vaccaro's Pastry, Maranto's Bakery

Vaccaro's Pastry has three locations throughout Baltimore. Still using the Old-World recipes brought over from Sicily by founder Gioacchino Vaccaro, his son Nick has continued to impress customers with fantastic bakes that include rum cakes, cassata cakes, and numerous Italian cookies. And with over 2,000 positive reviews it is clear to see that Vaccaro's is an Italian bakery you do not want to miss (via Google Reviews).

Maranto's Bakery boasts the accolade of being Baltimore's oldest bakery. The bakery's excellent, hearth-baked, Italian bread has enabled the company to survive two world wars and the great depression. Nearly everyone agrees that the best bread in Maryland comes from Marantos.

Massachusetts: Mike's Pastry, Modern Pastry Shop, Bova's Bakery

The cannoli at Mike's Pastry in Boston is so good that President Bill Clinton was known to frequent the establishment (via The bakery also offers pastries, cookies, and ricotta pie, which was ranked as one of the best pies in Boston by Time Out.

Modern Pastry Shop allows guest to build their own cannoli. The bakery also makes a range of cakes, including limoncello and cassata, among other Italian specialties such as torrone.

Bova's Bakery is yet another incredible Italian bakery in Boston's North End. It features classic specialties cooked to impeccable standards. The bakery was even voted as making the No. 1 tiramisu in the country by Phantom Gourmet.

Michigan: Bommarito Bakery, Vito's Bakery

Bommarito Bakery is known for its world-famous subs that are served on homemade Italian bread. Add to this a range of classic Italian cakes and pastries and it is easy to see why the bakery ranked No. 1 in St. Clair Shores, per TripAdvisor.

Vito's Bakery produces some of the best Italian pastries in Michigan according to CBS Detroit and has a reputation for being "the area's legendary quality bakery." As with all wonderful bakeries, the recipe for its flagship product, the cannoli, is kept a secret. All the more reason to get down there and taste a few yourself.

Minnesota: Sapori di Sicilia, Rebecca's Bakery

Ranked as one of the top 10 places to eat in Winona (via TripAdvisor), Sapori di Sicilia offers a range of dishes — including homemade pasta — that can be followed by a number of impressive desserts, such as crostatine and torta noci. To make matters even better the bakery sells impressive, rustic Italian breads.

As one of the best bakeries in Minneapolis, Rebbeca's Bakery makes excellent Italian cakes and baked goods. Stop in to enjoy one of the bakery's popular treats, such as cannoli, ricotta pie, almond biscotti, and a strawberry-topped tiramisu.

Mississippi: French Kiss Pastries

One of the best places to enjoy Italian pastries in Mississippi is French Kiss Pastries in Ocean Springs. The small bakery is known for its Italian and French desserts, such as gelato and cannoli topped with chocolate chips and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Reviewers on TripAdvisor rave about the bakery, saying, the "cannoli was fresh and tasty," and that "your taste buds will appreciate it!" Another reviewer stated, "This place was sweet, high-quality, and would definitely recommend." Aside from single-serving treats, the bakery also makes a variety of custom cakes for any occasion.

Missouri: Scola's Italian Cookies, Vitale's Bakery

Found in the Missouri side of Kansas City, Scola's Italian Cookies is a firm favorite of the city's population, receiving a score of 4.8/5 from 150 reviews, per Google Reviews. While understandably known for its range of cookies, the bakery also makes brilliant pastries and cakes, including lobster tails.

Fortunately, it's not just those in Kansas City that are spoiled for Italian bakeries. In St. Louis, Vitale's Bakery provides everything you could ever dream of, including — if reviewers are to be trusted — cannoli that are better than those made back in Italy (via Yelp).

Montana: Park Avenue Bakery

Montana is another state that seems to prefer other styles of bakeries above Italian. Yet, when it comes to bread there is still a demand for Italian favorites. This demand is met by Park Avenue Bakery in Helena. Here, the cake and cookie selection might be dominated by American baked goods, but the bread features a definite Italian twist. Freshly made loaves of ciabatta, focaccia, and old-world Italian make Park Avenue one of the best bakeries in Montana with TripAdvisor reviewers saying, "Everything in here was amazing and I crave their bread every day."

Nebraska: Dolci Old Market, Orsi's Bakery

Omaha is the site of both Nebraska's best Italian bakeries — Dolci Old Market and Orsi's Bakery. Dolci Old Market has become Omaha's go-to spot for the perfect mixture of modern soft serve and classic Italian pastries, such as biscotti and cannoli. A range of floats and shakes are also on offer.

With a perfect 5/5 rating from over 600 reviews (via TripAdvisor) you know Orsi's Bakery is the real deal. Aside from pizza, which has made the brand locally famous, Orsi's sells a range of freshly made Italian breads as well as classic treats, like biscotti, that cannot be missed.

Nevada: Pasticceria Italian Bakery, Zeppola Cafe

Most people don't come to Nevada for authentic Italian pastries but that doesn't mean there aren't any. In recent years, Las Vegas has become a top destination for foodies, as KTNV reports. This increased demand resulted in Eataly opening in the city. As part of the large food hall that first welcomed guests in 2018 (per RLI), Eataly launched La Pasticceria, where iconic Italian baked goods are made daily.

Challenging La Pasticceria as the best Italian bakery in Vegas is Zeppola Cafe, an establishment found within the Venetian Resort. Customers have been wowed by authentic bakes that include focaccia, sfilatino, and bombolones.

New Hampshire: The Cannoli Stop

The Cannoli Stop in Concord is New Hampshire's best-kept secret. Not many are aware of the excellent products the shop offers or that its wares span far beyond just your typical cannoli. That's because The Cannoli Stop has over 50 fillings spanning from English toffee to watermelon to tiramisu. What's more, you can choose from more than 20 toppings for your cannoli. Furthermore, if you're looking for something a bit less traditional, The Cannoli Stop also has you covered with products like cannoli chip and dip, cannoli-filled giant cupcakes, and cannoli gelato shakes.

New Jersey: Prato Bakery, L'arte della Pasticceria

Originally located in West Village, New York City, Prato Bakery made the move to New Jersey in 2015 and has been serving Jersey City ever since. Head baker Simone pays homage to his Italian hometown with both the name of the bakery and the products he creates, celebrating Italian classics, such as brutti ma buoni, a cookie made of almonds and egg whites.

In Ramsey, L'Arte della Pasticceria has gained excellent reviews for producing a delicious range of cakes and baked goods (via Yelp). One way this bakery stands out is by offering a huge variety of traditional tortes, ranging from torta savoia to sbrisolona.

New Mexico: Saratori's Pastry Shop

Instead of being influenced by Italy, New Mexican culture is a rich blend of American and Mexican. However, there are still some Italian bakeries of excellent quality in the state, which is a testament to the universal love of great Italian baking.

Saratori's Pastry Shop in Albuquerque serves sfogliatelle and pasticciotti to residents alongside more seasonal offerings such as pumpkin cannoli and even wedding cakes. The wide range of delicious baked goods has been well-received with reviewers on Google saying, "Wonderful selection of Italian groceries and fresh pastries," and "try the Italian cream cake, it's so good!"

New York: Mazzola Bakery, Veniero's Pasticceria & Caffé

Mazzola Bakery has been serving its customers in Brooklyn for nearly a century. Known for savory bakes as much as sweet ones, the bakery has carved a niche in many customer's hearts through the provision of authentic, brilliant products including the always-popular lard bread (via Google Reviews).

Even older than Mazzola is the New York institution that is Veniero's Pasticceria & Caffé, which opened in 1894. The bakery has gained acclaim for its beautiful interiors and even more impressive bakes, which are frequently featured in publications such as Time Out and programs including Food Network's "Road Tasted."

North Carolina: Villani's Bakery, CynTucci's Bakery

Villani's Bakery in Charlotte sells a range of Italian specialties, including lobster tails and sfingi. While marketed as a New York-style Italian bakery, Villani's also offers a range of other treats like macarons that are also very well-received by customers (via Google Reviews).

Elsewhere in North Carolina, Mooresville to be exact, CynTucci's Bakery has gained acclaim for its Italian classics, such as freshly-baked breads and mini pastries, as well as for the production of first-class wedding cakes. Thus, making it clear that CynTucci's is an Italian bakery suitable for every occasion.

North Dakota: Nichole's Fine Pastry

Ranked as the number one establishment for dessert in Fargo (via TripAdvisor), Nichole's Fine Pastry has made a name for itself thanks to the excellent selection of seasonal bakes, which recently includes a caramel cheesecake topped with apple and cinnamon compote. For those eager for an Italian fix, the bakery offers freshly made and filled cannoli topped with pistachios, candied orange peel, or chocolate. The Italian treat has been met with praise by customers, with one reviewer stating, "The ricotta filling was not-too-sweet, just right. The crust shattered under my fork. Perfect."

Ohio: Auddino's Italian Bakery, Rito's Bakery

Auddino's Italian Bakery in Columbus provides desserts and treats for restaurants throughout the city. However, the retail shop carries a wide range of baked goods as well. Interestingly for an Italian bakery, Auddino's is best known for its glazed donuts, which are deemed exceptional, per Yelp, although the usual fare of cannoli and cream horns are also available.

In Brunswick, Rito's Bakery has made headlines for antics such as making a giant cannoli stuffed with 36 regular cannoli (via Cleveland Magazine). However, you can rest assured that no matter what size cannoli you order, it will be fantastic, per Google Reviews.

Oklahoma: Dolci Paradiso, Nana Rose's

A well-loved dessert and gelato spot in Oklahoma City, Dolci Paradiso provides a range of cakes, bakes, cheesecakes, filled-to-order cannoli, and tiramisu. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive with many highlighting the high quality of the gelato and the impressive range of baked goods (via Yelp).

Nana Rose's Italian Bakery & Market in Tulsa is a bakery and cafe inspired by the owner's Sicilian grandmother, Rose, per Fox News 23. The baked goods are of an authenticity not found elsewhere in the state. Since opening, the bakery has been a hit with many customers loving the fresh, speciality nature of the bakes, per Google Reviews.

Oregon: Little Cannoli Bakery

Ranked as the second-best bakery in the entire city of Salem (via TripAdvisor), Little Cannoli Bakery produces a range of baked goods but is best known for its flagship product — the cannoli. To ensure the shell remains crisp, Little Cannoli Bakery does not fry its shells, but rather bakes them and only fills them to order. This attention to detail has led to many favorable reviews, with customers claiming these are the best cannoli in the state. One reviewer commented, "The cannoli is fresh and made up for you while you wait. A great little dessert to have while you stroll the Salem historic district."

Pennsylvania: La Dolce Vita

Riccardo "Pete" Alaimo is the owner and baker at La Dolce Vita in Allentown. Born and raised in Sicily, Alaimo has a long history as a baker, having worked in both Italy and America. Alaimo now uses his talents to create a whole range of Italian biscotti, pastries, and cakes, many of which have been recognized as being top quality by customers (via Google Reviews). One reviewer went so far as to say, "Marvelous pastries made by the magical people that value traditional food." However, what steals the show is Alaimo's range of tortas, traditional Italian cakes (such as cassata Siciliana), and torta amaretto.

Rhode Island: Scialo Brothers Bakery

Scialo Brothers Bakery is ranked as one of the top bakeries in Providence, per TripAdvisor, and it is not difficult to see why. For decades, the bakery has been producing authentic Italian specialties to a top standard, a fact that led one reviewer to suggest the bakery might even be better than the famous Veniero's of New York City. From cannoli to loaves of crusty bread, the bakery consistently delivers. This fact will all but ensure that Scialo Brothers Bakery remains a favorite of locals for decades to come.

South Carolina: Landolfi's Italian Bakery, Carmella's Cafe & Dessert Bar

Landolfi's is a bakery and pizzeria in Pawleys Island that welcomes people to enjoy full meals from the menu as well as a selection of their home-baked pastries and breads. Amongst other things, Landolfi's sells excellent sfogliatella, per Yelp reviews, and cannoli (via Google Reviews). 

Carmella's Cafe &  Dessert Bar serves two communities — Charleston and Greenville. Both offer a range of traditional Italian baked goods, frequently with a modern twist. One example is the cannoli cake, which is a chocolate and vanilla cake both filled and frosted with cannoli cream.

South Dakota: Queen City Bakery

Just as in North Dakota, there is something of a dearth of Italian bakeries in South Dakota. Queen City Bakery in Sioux Falls is the closest, offering traditional treats, such as biscotti. Pair your Italian treat with a hot cup of chocolate espresso. A chic interior completes the experience. Customers can't get enough of the sweet and savory options the bakery has to offer, with one reviewer on Yelp stating, "This is one of the best bakeries I've been to in years," and another saying, "...bring the Instragrammers, they'll be salivating over these picturesque cappuccinos."

Tennessee: Alessandro's Italian Artisan Bakery

Alessandro's Italian Artisan Bakery is the definition of a hidden gem. Tucked away in the small city of South Pittsburg, the bakery produces an impressive range of bakes that are of such quality that it has yet to receive anything less than a five-star review across multiple reviewing platforms, including Google Reviews. Opened by a couple from Northern Italy, the bakery produces astounding authentic Italian sweets, while also managing to create exciting savory bakes, including the incredible-sounding parmesan and pesto rolls. To put it simply, if you happen to be in Tennessee, you have to swing by Alessandro's.

Texas: La Sicilia

Having moved from Sciacca, Sicily to New York City in 2012, Diego Chiarello spent the next few years learning how Americans prefer their cakes and bakes. He married this knowledge with his own considerable experience of baking in Sicily and created La Sicilia, a bakery that opened in Huston in 2018. Here, Chiarello produces world-class Italian products that have propelled the bakery — in only four years of being open — to become the favorite of many locals (via Yelp). La Sicilia also has a concise but enticing breakfast and lunch menu also inspired by Chiarello's upbringing in Sicily.

Utah: Sapori Italian Bakery & Cafe

Another bakery setup by recent immigrants from Sicily is Sapori Italian Bakery & Cafe in Ogden. Opened in 2017, the cafe and bakery has gone from strength to strength, thanks to a range of authentic, traditional products ranging from crostini to fazzoletto. What has made the bakery even more popular is the range of savory bites and meals on offer, with many customers claiming the savory meals even rival the quality of the baked goods, per Google Reviews. While still young, the bakery is undoubtedly growing in stature, a fact attested to by it being featured in Season 7 of "Taste Utah."

Vermont: La Panciata

Unlike other northeastern states, Vermont is somewhat lacking when it comes to Italian bakeries. However, La Panciata, helps meet the demand for authentic Italian baked goods through its online ordering service. Numerous loaves of Italian bread, such as pane Toscano, pane Siciliano, and rosemary garlic focaccia, are available, as well as other delights, such as beautifully packaged biscotti. Many people in the state of Vermont claim the breads made by La Panciata, such as the cinnamon raisin loaf, are the best in the entire state (via Google Reviews). If that's not a reason to try them, we don't know what is.

Virginia: Bisnonna Bakeshop

Nicole Liberatore, owner and baker of Bisnonna Bakeshop in Annandale, was only able to open the bakery after winning the DreamStart Competition, a contest organized by Tysons Corner Center mall, per Northern Virginia Magazine. Thank goodness Liberatore did win, otherwise Virginia would be deprived of many brilliant baked goodies, such as Italian rainbow cookies, pecan chocolate cannoli, tiramisu, sfogliatelle, and pignoli. The bakery even offers seasonal cannoli samplers. The incredible quality of these bakes has seen Bisnonna Bakeshop achieve a perfect rating of five on Yelp and gain features in national publications such as The Washington Post.

Washington: Gelatiamo, Kelly Cannoli

As one of the top 10 dessert spots and the highest-ranked Italian bakery in Seattle (via TripAdvisor), Gelatiamo is one of the most popular bakeries in Washington. The bakery is best known for its range of authentic and delicious gelatos, as well as baked specialties, such as baci di dama and occhi di bue.

Kelly Cannoli specializes in cannoli, coffee, and bagels. If you think that sounds very much like the fare of a certain east coast city, you're not wrong. The cannoli are of world-class quality, which has led the small espresso stall to be featured in The Seattle Times and rank as the best dessert spot in Seattle by Yelp.

West Virginia: Tomaro's Bakery

Being well over 100 years old, Tomaro's Bakery is easily the oldest Italian bread bakery in West Virginia. It remains as popular as ever and is ranked as the No. 1 spot for quick bites in Clarksburg, per TripAdvisor. Tomaro's most popular — and probably best — item is the pepperoni roll. Many customers swear that these are not only the best pepperoni rolls in the state but the entire country, per Google Reviews. You can find out for yourself regardless of where you're located, as Tomaro's products are being shipped nationally via Gold Belly.

Wisconsin: Peter Sciortino Bakery, Scordato Bakery

Peter Sciortino Bakery has been called the best bakeshop in America according to Only In Your State, and with such a range of fantastic bakes it is not difficult to see why. From Italian loaves to limoncello torte, the bakery delivers fresh, exciting tastes. Many of these have left customers drooling for more, per Yelp.

Nephew of Peter Sciortino, Giovanni Scordato came to the area from Italy in 1966, where he worked in his uncle's bakery in Milwaukee. Eventually, he opened Scordato Bakery, where he focuses on producing unique Italian cookies, like the anise toast cookie and pipatelli cookie.

Wyoming: Cannoli Bliss

Unfortunately, for those living in Wyoming, there is a serious lack of Italian bakeries. This is not to say you can't find delicious Italian baked goods in the state. Quite the contrary. Cannoli Bliss is a specialty dessert trailer that travels throughout Wyoming and Montana selling treats inspired by Italy to those with cravings. As the name implies, the dessert trailer is best known for the variety of cannoli on offer. While you can certainly order a classic cannoli, why not go all-in and try the banana split cannoli, complete with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry?