Aarón Sánchez Loves Making Nachos For This One Reason

In the hit Netflix comedy series "I Think You Should Leave," one sketch sees the series' creator Tim Robinson sitting across a booth from a romantic partner in a Netflix restaurant and sharing a plate of nachos (via Netflix Is A Joke). Though the couple initially seems to be having a good time, Robinson notices his partner eating the nachos that bear the most toppings. He has a secret aside with their waiter, asking him to tell Robinson's date that the restaurant policy prohibits one person eating all of the "fully-loaded" chips.

It's easy to see why Robinson's character was so upset by his partner's callous disregard for basic nacho etiquette. This classic combination of chips and cheese has been tickling taste buds since 1940, per The New York Times. One notable champion of nachos is Aarón Sánchez, an acclaimed Mexican-American celebrity chef. In a video for US Weekly, he crafts perfect nacho bites by carefully layering queso, chorizo, and toppings onto singular tortilla chips, much to the delight of the bubbly host. And his love for the crispy, cheesy snack has a simple explanation.

Nachos are meant to be shared

In a 2020 interview with Insider, Aarón Sánchez sang the praises of nachos as a communal food. He explained, "I like to do things that are easy to share with my family, like my cheesy nachos, which are always a hit." Sanchez's nacho recipe (via People) relies on a "smoky black bean sauce" for extra flavor.

"The cool thing about nachos is that you can be very creative with the combination of toppings, and it's a great place to use things that you have leftover," the chef added. "It's a very all-encompassing kind of dish that allows you to be very resourceful and utilize ingredients alongside a couple of staple items."

A popular online trend seems to prove Sánchez's view of nachos as the perfect party food. TikTok user @stefherder shared a video of her family's vacation tradition of having "nacho table time." This entails layering an entire table with aluminum foil (which ensures easy cleanup when cheesy chaos inevitably ensues), setting down a base of tortilla chips, and covering said chips with a hearty drizzle of warm queso and a sizable mound of ground beef. In the center of this nacho mountain, several accoutrements are set out for the family, including guacamole, salsa, sour cream, pickle jalapeños, as well as freshly chopped onion, tomato, and lettuce.

Nachos are endlessly customizable

In the Insider interview, Aarón Sánchez applauded the nacho's versatility. And if you've experienced the joys of a nacho bar, you know that each diner can make a plate that suits their fancy.

Countless internet cooks have shared their takes on nachos. YouTuber Austin Eats shares his method for using leftovers from a massive carnitas roast to craft a mouthwatering skillet of nachos, and TikTok user @foodplattermum mixes her leftover roast chicken with barbecue sauce, some loose corn, and shredded cheese, tossing the mix in a casserole pan and baking. Food & Wine's Youtube channel demonstrates how you can use your Thanksgiving leftovers to make a plate of nachos worthy of gobbling.

And while some may take issue with nontraditional nacho toppings, the internet's seemingly endless supply of nacho variations support Sánchez's claims about their versatility, which is why he loves the dish.