The Ultimate Ranking Of Almond Milk Brands

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Plant-based milk has a much longer history than some may believe. For example, BBC highlights that soya milk was invented in ancient China between the 1st and 3rd centuries A.D. There are also references to almond milk in medieval texts from the 8th and 12th centuries.

While almond and soya milk have been around for centuries, the Guardian points out that they have only become globally popular since the turn of the millennium. Over recent decades, the popularity of plant-based milks has exploded. We now live in something of a golden age for milk alternatives, a fact attested to by the near countless brands of plant-based milks that line our supermarket shelves.

Since 2013, almond milk has been the most popular plant-based milk in America, and it now makes up nearly half of the entire American plant-based milk sales market. This is largely thanks to the product's versatility, as it can be used in pancakes, coffee, and soups.

But not all almond milks are made equal, and with the market size expected to grow by 14.3% from 2019 to 2025 (via Grand View Research), the number of options is only set to increase. So, in order to help you navigate this increasingly saturated marketplace, we have created a list of the top 12 almond milks available in the United States.

12. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Extra Creamy

One of the most common complaints about almond milk is that it is much is too thin and, therefore, unsuitable for common tasks, such as covering cereal and mixing with coffee, per The Sydney Morning Herald. While this watery texture may be the bane of many almond milk brands, it most certainly is not for Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Extra Creamy.

This particular almond milk has carved a niche for itself by being one of the thickest, most luxurious almond milks on the market today. According to Blue Diamond, the only addition that was needed to gain this desirable thick and creamy texture was almond oil. As Food Engineering highlights, the ability of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Extra Creamy to replicate the texture of whole-fat cow's milk makes it a fantastic option for those looking to move away from dairy milk and towards plant-based alternatives.

11. Mooala Original Almond Milk

Almond milk's status as the most popular plant-based milk in the United States provides it with many benefits in the commercial setting, explains Dasha Shor, a global food analyst. "As the most commonly purchased dairy-alternative milk segment, almond milk currently ranks highest in associations with important attributes, such as nutritious and good tasting, and good for common use cases like cooking and in coffee," he explained (via Beverage Industry).

Despite these associations, surviving in the almond milk industry is anything but smooth sailing. Recent research by IRI highlighted the fact that many of the biggest almond milk brands have seen their sales decline. This is thought to be due to increased competition and a slight decline in total almond milk sales nationwide.

However, one company that has been able to thrive under these intensely competitive conditions is Mooala. This company recorded growth of at least 13% during a year when industry-wide sales fell by 2.2% (via Dairy Foods). This is largely thanks to the company's excellent products, such as its Original Almond Milk. Breaking from tradition, Mooala decided to prioritize taste and added organic honey as a sweetener to this milk. While this has unfortunately made the product unsuitable for vegans, those who can enjoy it rave about its delicate, honey nut flavor, per Mooala.

10. Good & Gather Original Almond

Target's flagship brand, Good & Gather, has had mixed reviews when it comes to its plant-based offerings, per Insider. However, the brand's original almond milk has been met with overwhelming positivity, as seen by the customer reviews.

As with all Good & Gather products, the Original Almond milk does not contain any artificial colors, flavorings, or sweeteners, as reported by Target. Instead, the almond milk is sweetened with cane sugar. The almond milk also features gellan gum, a gelling agent and additive that is widely used as a safe means to improve texture in plant-based foods (via EFSA Journal). These additions have resulted in an almond milk that is sweet and has a rich and creamy texture. 

As one of Target's in-house brands, Good & Gather also offers great value for the money. A half-gallon carton of Original Almond is nearly a dollar cheaper than some name-brand almond milks. This makes it a brilliant option for households around the nation. 

9. Simply Almond

As one of the biggest drinks companies in the world, there aren't many liquids that the Coca-Cola Company doesn't make. It has even expanded the Simply brand of drinks to include Simply Almond Unsweetened, an almond milk known for only using four ingredients (via Simply).

Kelly Marx, brand director of Simply Beverages, had this to say about the launch: "Simply stands for more than just great-tasting juices and drinks. Our beverages are made with simple, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, supported by a commitment to transparency, quality, and authenticity. Moving into almond milk – a current gap in the Coca-Cola North America portfolio – is a natural extension for us as we continue to explore ways to grow the brand," per The Coca-Cola Company.

The only downside to this tasty, non-GMO almond milk is the inclusion of an ambiguous ingredient: natural flavors. What this term means exactly is up for debate. However, Food Business News highlights that natural flavors can include synthetic additives, which some consumers may prefer to avoid.

8. Great Value Almond Milk

Another in-house brand that has made it onto our list is Walmart's Great Value. The almond milk sold under this brand has received fantastic reviews, with many customers stating that it beats many premier brands in terms of taste and quality. Furthermore, the brand really delivers on its name. Currently, Great Value almond milk is nearly 5 cents per fluid ounce cheaper than Califia Farms almond milk and around 1.5 cents cheaper per fluid ounce than Blue Diamond. The milk is also richly fortified with calcium and vitamins A and E.

In a 2009 press release about the revamping of the brand, Andrea Thomas, senior vice president of Walmart's private brands, explained what the Great Value brand stands for. "Through our Great Value brand re-launch, we are delivering on our promise to provide customers with the quality products they need and want at a price they can afford to help them save money and live better," she stated. Great Value Almond Milk certainly lives up to this statement. 

7. Silk Original

One of the mid-ranking almond milks on our list comes from Silk. Launched in 2010, Silk original almond milk has become a favorite of Americans with only Blue Diamond Almond Breeze outselling it during 2020 and 2021 (via Statista). Silk has not achieved its popularity by chance; this almond milk ticks a whole range of boxes by being a healthy choice for both your body and the planet.

Silk reports that one serving of Original Almond Milk provides 450 milligrams of calcium, which is approximately 30% of an adult's daily recommended intake. It also includes 25% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin E and 15% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A.

In terms of planetary health, 80% less water is used in producing a half gallon of the brand's almond milk than when producing the same amount of cow's milk. Benefits to both the planet and consumers intersect with Silk's commitment to using non-GMO ingredients, as exemplified by its status as a Non-GMO Project verified product. According to the Non-GMO Project website, this verification is one of the most meaningful non-GMO labels in the food industry, indicating that the product does not use any ingredients or materials that are derived from GMO crops. This fact suggests that Silk Original is a healthy and environmentally-friendly choice, per The Journal of Food Science and Technology.

6. New Barn Organics Unsweetened Almond Milk

In the United States, organic food has become big business. BNN Bloomberg reports that the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to many Americans turning to organic foods because they began to value health and quality above low price points. This has boosted the profile of New Barn Organics products, including the unsweetened almond milk, although CEO Ted Robb conceded to BNN Bloomberg that organic products are not an economically viable choice for all households. For households that can afford to purchase New Barn's almond milk, they can rest assured that the product is of a pure and high quality. In fact, New Barn Organics unsweetened almond milk is only made with three ingredients: filtered water, organic almonds, and sea salt (per New Barn Organics).

The sustainability of almond milk has been brought into question by publications such as The Guardian, who highlighted the massive water cost of growing Californian almonds and the impact it is having in America's bee populations (per The Guardian). Fortunately, New Barn Organics have come up with an ingenious way of circumnavigating these problems by purchasing their almonds from suppliers in Spain. As per New Barn Organics' website, these producers naturally attract pollinators and use significantly less water than their Californian counterparts, making sure that New Barn Organics' product is one of the few almond milks that doesn't cost the earth.

5. Orgain Unsweetened Almond Milk

One of the key criticisms of almond milks is that they lack a sufficient amount of protein. As Time magazine reports, natural almond milk can contain eight times less protein per serving than both regular cow's milk and soya milk. As highlighted by vegan podcast host Rich Roll, a key concern people have about replacing meat and dairy with plant-based products is that they won't get enough protein in their diet. This could lead many people to avoid almond milk and instead focus on more protein-rich plant milks, like soya.

Spotting this gap in the market, Orgain produced unsweetened almond milk that contains a high amount of protein. Instead of providing the average 1 gram of protein per glass found in most almond milks, Orgain provides 10 grams per serving. According to VegNews, this is 2 grams more than what is found in a regular serving of cow's milk. Orgain further strengthens its pedigree as a healthy almond milk by claiming that it contains a third less sugar than other industry leaders.

4. Malk Unsweetened Almond

Like New Barn Organics, Malk offers a slimmed-down, simple almond milk that is made with only three ingredients: filtered water, organic almonds, and pink Himalayan salt. The inclusion of pink Himalayan salt over regular sea salt is an interesting choice for the brand. Pink Himalayan salt has received a great deal of press in recent years, with articles by publications, such as The New York Times, investigating the product's many health claims. However, none of these claims have been properly verified. As reported by Livestrong, the trace minerals found in Himalayan salt are thought to be in concentrations too small to have any impact on health. This has led many to dismiss it as a baseless wellness fad, per Vice.

Malk used to use sprouted almonds to make their almond milk products, as reported by Food Navigator USA. According to The Asian Journal of Agriculture and Food Science, these are nutritionally superior to unsprouted almonds thanks to a higher phenol content and better antioxidant potential. However, Malk has since stopped using sprouted almonds, citing a wasteful production process that had negative effects on the environment. This is most likely because sprouting almonds requires them to be kept in a warm, moist environment and extra sterilization steps must be included in the production process, per the International Journal of Food Microbiology.

3. Califia Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk

Our third-best almond milk comes from Califia Farm, a company founded in 2010 by the late Greg Steltenpohl, a visionary in the plant-based beverage industry, per The New York Times. A fatal E. coli outbreak at one of Steltenpohl's previous companies ensured that he was extremely vigilant when launching Califia Farms. As such, the company's products, including almond milk, have become known for their high quality, consistency, and health benefits.

This approach is typified by the company's sugar reduction initiative, as explained by the brand's spokesperson, April Siler (via Food Navigator USA). "First of all, we have increased the amount of unsweetened products with zero added sugar that we have in our portfolio," she explained. "So, for consumers who are avoiding all added sugar, we have a really wide range of our unsweetened almond milks through to our creamers."

It is not only the reduced sugar content that makes Califia Farms' almond milk a healthy option, but also the absence of carrageenan, a thickening agent made from seaweed extract that has been linked to gastrointestinal cancers, per Environmental Health Perspectives. Not only is Califia Farms almond milk healthy, but it's also delicious. The plant-based milk has become known for its intense taste and has received rave reviews.

2. Elmhurst Milked Almonds

Elmhurst Milked Almonds comes in No. 2 on our list and is one of the purest almond milks — only two ingredients are used to make it; there are no thickeners, gums, natural flavorings, or preservatives present. While this may make the healthy-minded rejoice, others may question how good an almond milk made from just water and almonds can really taste.

Fortunately, the answer is excellent, thanks to Elmhurst's patented HydroRelease technology. This unique form of processing water prevents the almond from being over-processed, creates a naturally creamy texture, and gives the milk a distinctly nutty flavor. The company's website also highlights that Milked Almonds contains up to four times as many almonds as other leading brands.

However, one thing to bear in mind is that Elmhurst almond milk is not fortified with calcium and vitamins. This means it offers substantially less of these micronutrients than other leaders in the industry and as such may not be suitable for all consumers. If you wish to consume this milk, sufficient planning should be made to ensure you consume your recommended daily intake of these micronutrients through other parts of your diet.

1. Three Trees Organics Original Almond Milk

Launched by Jenny Eu in 2012, Three Trees specializes in plant-based milks. Speaking to HuffPost, Eu highlighted the values for which the company stands. "Our mission is to help people eat more plant-based foods without sacrificing taste," she said. "There's a lot of food tech now doing things that are plant-based but highly processed. So, my whole philosophy, which comes from my grandmother, is just about eating whole foods, real food, and as much plant-based as possible."

Like Elmhurst, Three Trees Organics Original Almond Milk is made from only water and almonds, making it pure-tasting. Furthermore, it contains significantly more calcium than Elmhurst Milked Almonds, coming in at 66 milligrams versus Elmhurst's 7 milligrams. 

As it is made without stabilizers, Three Trees Organics Almond Milk does occasionally suffer from some slight separation, which can be easily fixed with a vigorous shake. However, for those who want to make the most of separation, the layer of thick and rich almond cream that frequently forms on top of the milk can be added to your morning cereal or coffee for a little extra indulgence.

Overall, we believe this is the best almond milk on the market, thanks to its wholehearted commitment to flavor, purity, and health. What's more, the brand also performs extremely well when it comes to sustainability through initiatives such as using only 100% recycled packaging.