The Secret Method For Adding Extra Moisture To Banana Bread

Sometimes there isn't much better in life than a soft, golden-brown slice of something sweet. From homemade cookies to vanilla sponge cake, every bite is something to relish. Out of the whole lineup of muffins, cakes, pies, and pastries, banana bread stands out. The delicious treat is known as a quick bread, which substitutes yeast for chemical leavening agents like baking powder or baking soda (via the University of Kentucky). Not only is it easy to make, and a literal lifesaver for over-ripe bananas, but it's also perfect for anything from a quick breakfast to a late-night treat. 

Between the heavenly smell and the subtly sweet bites of the soft bread, there's a lot to love about banana bread. But for a wide variety of reasons, no two batches will come out the same (per King Arthur Baking Company). Despite following every step to a T, something as small as the quality of your pans can lead to dry, less-than-stellar creations.

What causes banana bread to dry out?

According to Breadopedia, baking bread is not for the faint of heart. Little things like using the wrong type of fat or even the altitude where you live can completely change your bread's taste. Since moisture escapes faster at higher altitudes, it's a common cause of dry baked goods, per Breadopedia. You might even be setting yourself up for failure from the start by using the wrong measuring cups. Although dry and liquid measuring cups may measure the same volume, they're best for measuring their own respective ingredients, or you could risk ruining your recipe (via The Oregonian).

King Arthur Baking Company dives deeper into your baking toolkit and claims that dark-coated pans can be another reason for crumbly, hard bread. Darker pans absorb heat much faster than lighter pans, which bake your bread more quickly. 

Whatever the reason for your bread lacking in fluffy textures, dryness is definitely something you want to avoid in baking. Despite these challenges, a perfect loaf of banana bread is still within your reach. If you're on the hunt for a foolproof solution to this myriad of potential baking disasters, we've got you covered. 

How to ensure your bread will be pillowy soft

To achieve those gorgeous, soft slices of banana bread, here's an easy baking tip that can help. It's all about enhancing the moisture, and you can do just that using just this one secret method (via Better Homes & Gardens). 

First, prepare your banana bread as you normally would using your favorite recipe. Pour your batter into a loaf pan and slide it into the oven. When its golden brown hues are peaking, slip on your oven mitts and take out the bread. Smell that perfection! Blanket the still-hot banana bread with a sheet of aluminum foil and pop it back in the oven for the last 15 minutes of baking. This super easy trick will trap the heat emitting off of the banana bread which will create a nice steamy environment inside. The steam releases the softness hidden inside the bread and makes for a loaf that's extra moist all over. 

This method is especially helpful if you constantly find that the inside of your banana bread is extra gooey while the outside is stiff. Now your banana bread doesn't have to be anything less than perfect and makes for all the more satisfyingly soft bites.