11 Turkey Day Snacks That Will Hold You Over Until Thanksgiving Dinner

Who says you have to starve all day until the big meal?
Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving Tips

The Daily Meal previews our list of Nutritionist Tips for a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving for 2015.

Turkey Nachos


Snack on these treats until Thanksgiving dinner is served.

It’s 1 p.m. on Thanksgiving and you’re starving. You can smell syrupy sweet potatoes and crisp stuffing throughout the house, and you haven’t eaten all day. You just can’t wait for your gigantic, delicious feast.

This year, don’t fast before Thanksgiving. Even nutritionists say that's a bad idea.

Instead, make delicious appetizers for you and your guests to enjoy all day while the turkey is roasting. This keeps you from wanting to attack the chef for just a nibble of turkey, and it will stop you from binging as soon as you sit down for dinner.  

We’ve compiled a list of Thanksgiving-inspired breakfast and lunch snacks to keep you calm and satisfied until your dinner. The best part about these delicious recipes is that they’re not too filling, so you’ll still have room for turkey and stuffing come dinner time.

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