Set Your Wedding In Yellow And Gray

Slate gray and sunny summer yellow is an unexpectedly refreshing color combination. The best part about these colors is that they are appropriate for any season.

Play up the sunny yellows for an outdoor spring or summer wedding or get ultra sophisticated with more chrome and subtle splashes of yellow for a fall or winter wedding.

Dress your bridesmaids in uniform colors all in a row, or mix and match the colors for an elegant combination. If you want the dresses to stay the same color, incorporate both colors into their flowers, jewelry and shoes instead.


Ingenious Invitations

Gatsby Wedding Invitations: Delight your guests with this chevron art deco inspired invite.

Johnson Invitations Package: Try a modern and minimalist approach with these gray and yellow invitations. The combination of plain print and script font makes for an interesting design!

All-in-One Sunny Sunflower Invitations: Add a splash of color and save paper with these all-in-one invitations. They include ceremony and reception information, plus tear away response cards.


A Fan Favorite

Tropical Fan with Floral Details: Stay cool...These delicate hand fans with a tropical plumeria print and bamboo ribs are ideal for that hot summer day. Not only do they look fantastic, but your guests will appreciate the ability to relieve some of that summer heat!


To-Die-For Desserts

Personalized Sunflower Chocolate Favors: Two creamy milk chocolate molded sunflowers wrapped nicely for your guests. They also include a personalized message to remember your special day by.

Limoncello Lollipops: Limoncello is a far cry from lemonade! It's a tangy, delicious, Italian lemon liqueur produced in Southern Italy from the zest of Sorrento lemons. From liqueur to lollipops, these treats create the perfect summer wedding favor.

Yellow and Gray Wedding Cake: Provide a quirky yellow/gray fondant covered cake with organic ingredients and an edible cake topper. Your guests will come back for more!