Would You Eat Super-Healthy Cornmash Used to Make Ethanol?

A scientist has developed a protein-packed superfood with a weird backstory

The world's next superfood may be here, but we're not so sure if it'll take off.

Researcher Padu Krishnan at South Dakota State University has discovered a new protein-packed ingredient that he claims will make croissants, cookies, and all those unhealthy treats a bit more nutritious. The ingredient? "Dried distillers' grain" (DDG), the stuff from mashed-up corn kernels left over after the corn is used to make ethanol.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "In raw form, it tastes like coarse sawdust and smells like a saloon, due to fermentation." Lovely.

But of course, people probably wouldn't be too happy to find out that their chocolate chip cookies have leftover corn that's typically fed to farm animals. Meanwhile, Kirshnan has been figuring out how to replace flour with DDG in cookies, cakes, bread, and more, and is hoping to grab a star chef to help promote DDG. Paula Deen, this might be the project for you.