The World's Largest S'more Was A Gooey Success

Love marshmallows, chocolate and graham cracker all smooshed together? You should've been in Vermont on Saturday for a free bite of the world's largest s'more.

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On Dec. 29, from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Camp Meade in Middlesex, Vermont, snackers celebrated the Winter S'morestice Celebration, marking the fact that the longest days of winter are over. In addition to food trucks and drinks, plus performances by Vermont fire troupe Cirque del Fuego, a Vermont bakery and a chocolatier got together to make the record-setting gooey treat.

Because no official from the Guinness Book of World Records was able to attend, it's not an official record, but according to WCAX-TV, this s'more measured 32 square feet, while the official record is just 25 square feet.

Red Hen Baking of Middlesex created the giant graham cracker and marshmallow, and Nutty Steph's, a Middlesex granola maker and chocolatier, made the all-important chocolate element.

"The event went better than I expected," Randy George of Red Hen Baking told The Daily Meal in an email. "The idea of a giant s'more ended up grabbing the imagination of the local and even national press more than any of us thought it would. We estimate that we had over 1000 people there."

George praised the bakery's friend and landlord, Russ Bennett, for his hard work on the s'more celebration.

"In addition to being a building contractor ... (Bennett) and his crew are experts at building dazzling temporary installations for festivals," George said. "They spent weeks building the giant maze, an entrance arch, lighted sculptures and all kinds of attractions that created a festive atmosphere. To cap it off, Russ hired a team of 10 performers to do the actual assembly and cutting of the s'more on stage in front of the throngs of attendees. It was really so much more than I imagined it would be."

But after such a spectacular s'more, what's next?

"I have not really thought about if we will try to top this," George said. "I think that we will certainly continue to host a party the coincides roughly with solstice and the New Year. We may think about other bakery-related feats that lend themselves to an event like this. Our next big event will probably be a party to celebrate our 20th. anniversary which will be this next Sept. 1."

You likely know your basic s'more is simply a toasted, melty marshmallow and a piece of chocolate sandwiched inside two graham crackers. Girl Scouts of the USA published the first-known recipe of the "Some More" treat in a 1927 Girl Scout handbook. The name wasn't shortened to "s'mores" until the 1970s.

These days, the s'mores flavor comes in everything from Girl Scout cookies to yogurt. If the treat is one of your favorites, check out 10 s'mores-inspired recipes you can make without a campfire.