Is This the World's First Coffin Restaurant?

Sources say it's also the world's largest coffin

Eternity, a Coffin Restaurant

Remember that little thing called the bacon coffin? Well, apparently food and coffins really can go together.

Odd Culture stumbled across this creepy restaurant in Ukraine, which is housed in a 65-foot long coffin. The name? Eternity. The menu? Inspired by local mourning rituals, naturally. Diners can order  a "Nine Day" or "Forty Day" salad, plus "Let's Meet in Paradise." The latter sounds like a dessert, but reports are uncertain.

The restaurant's décor, in the meantime, features black walls, wreaths, single candles, and caskets lining the walls.

Even creepier? Apparently, the restaurant is owned by a funeral parlor. The undertakers who built the diner want the restaurant to be confirmed as the world's largest coffin, mainly to attract tourists to the area known mostly for its mineral water. But please, we do expect some vampire and zombie paraphernelia to pop up. At least some cloves of garlic?

Check out some photos over at Odd Culture.