The World's 17 Scariest Haunted Restaurants

If you like a little intrigue with your dinner, make a reservation to dine in one of the world's haunted restaurants to get your spooky fix. While the United States is full of restaurants where owners and patrons routinely report some paranormal activity, dining establishments, pubs, inns, and bed-and-breakfasts around the globe have also been known for many ghost sightings. 

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On the South Shields coast in England is a cave bar, restaurant, and pub that is reportedly haunted by smugglers who inhabited the cave many years ago; diners have stated that they spotted flying ashtrays while sipping on a pint. Similarly, at Casey Moore's Oyster House in Tempe, Ariz., seeing is believing. Patrons, employees, and guests have said that at the 4 a.m. witching hour they've witnessed a couple dancing in the top part of the restaurant with a glow emanating from the stairs. 

At one of New York's most romantic restaurants, One if by Land, Two if by Sea, employees and managers have gone on record with their haunting experiences. Many have reported seeing machinery turn on and off inexplicably and picture frames and furniture out of place, and some employees have even attempted to serve food to the apparitions. And another New York favorite, The Bridge Café, is not to be outdone with ghostly visitors.

Asia is no stranger to paranormal experiences, either. A haunting tale from the Buma Inn in Beijing tells the story of a man who was poisoned by the hotel's chef, who later stabbed himself. Whether or not you're a believer of those tortured spirits coming back to haunt us, perhaps a trip to one of these culinary landmarks may change your mind. Click through our slideshow to learn more about the 17 scariest restaurants around the world — if you dare!

Copy by Kristen Oliveri and Lily Rose