World of Coffee Tasters Championship Requires Cleanse


Preparation is extensive for the world coffee experts.

One week from today, 53 nations will compete in the World of Coffee Championship in France. 

Competition includes championships in roasting, good spirits, latte art, and tasting. 

The World Cup Tasters Championship will consist of 24 coffee cups to sample per day, for three days.

To prepare for the tasting championship, Australian competitor Elisha Mauger has been preparing arduously with a palate cleansing ritual that consists solely of peas, lettuce, and cucumber.

“I researched it and basically its peas, lettuce, and cucumber — but only iceberg lettuce — as they don’t effect the palate,” Mauger told

Surprisingly, she is not sick of them post-competition.

“Even after competition, I crave peas all the time, even the cucumber and lettuce,” Mauger said. “I thought I would be sick of it.”

The cleanse lasts a week. She only eats lettuce the day before competition, then nothing the day of. She also maintains a fragrance- and taste-free diet.

The 28-year-old from Blacktown, Sydney recently won the National Cup Tasting Champion in Australia. Her interest began thanks to the Gloria Jean’s outlet her parents own and operate.

For practice, Mauger tastes up to 250 different cups of coffee per day.

“I was really, really in a lot of pain on Monday from withdraw symptoms,” she said.

When Mauger won the Australian championship, no more peas. She rewarded her hard work with a Philly cheese steak from Crown Casino.


“I’m really sensitive to any aromas or anything else like that. I have to wear a face mask,” Mauger said. “Even walking down the street, you can literally taste someone smoking a cigarette 100m away.”