Wolfgang Puck Serves Up Style at the 2012 Oscars

A look into the 2012 Governor's Ball menu

We are just days away from the biggest awards night of the year. As Billy Crystal prepares his monologue for the umpteenth time and the Academy seals the envelopes, we commoners at home will be watching our E! Red Carpet Coverage and really wondering what is Clooney doing with Kiebler, or why Leo got snubbed again. The actors will be thinking other things, things like — "I won, really?!," "Why didn’t I win?," "Why did Leo get snubbed again?!," and most importantly, "What am I eating after these shenanigans are over?"

The answers to these questions are easy. "You won because you’re George Clooney, duh." "You, Jean Dujardin with your over dramatic facial expressions, didn’t win because you’re not George Clooney." This one is sure to be said with a sigh — "Poor Leo, he’ll get ‘em next year with Gatsby, at least he’s dating (fill in supermodel’s name here)." And lastly, "What else? Whatever Wolfgang Puck decides to cook!"

Puck, who is catering the Governor’s Ball, the official after party of the Academy Awards, for the 18th year this year, never fails with his innovative thinking and on-trend dishes — with leading menu items like sushi and classic Spago pizza, and cameo appearances by lobster, caviar, and Kobe beef burgers.

To give you an idea, here’s a peek at last year’s menu: Sushi starters, lobster tacos, black truffle pizza, Wolfgang’s signature trio of salads, vegetable paella, and Dover sole made for a well-rounded menu that had a Latin flair.


This year, Puck is sticking to his culinary guns and plating dishes that he’s done before. These include smoked salmon on Oscar bread with caviar and crème fraîche, Kobe sliders, vegetable spring rolls, pizza, and assorted sushi. New additions include a beer-Cheddar fondue paired with homemade pretzel bread and mustard aioli, caprese arancini, potato latkes with smoked sturgeon, a citrus-infused beet salad with burrata, and classic macaroni and cheese. Talk about comfort!

As for dessert, Pop Rocks cakes, pudding Push-Up pops, Red Hot macarons, and 3-D chocolate play supporting roles in a terrific ensemble cast for the finale.With 18 years under his belt, it looks like Wolfgang has been doing something right. Want to look back even further at a decade of menus? Click here.