The Winner Of The Daily Meal's Ultimate BBQ Road Trip Sweepstakes

The Daily Meal presented its first Ultimate BBQ Road Trip, a meaty odyssey exploring the best barbecue restaurants in the United States, in September. In honor of the inaugural BBQ Road Trip, barbecue lovers and pitmasters alike were invited to enter The Daily Meal's Ultimate BBQ Road Trip Sweepstakes for a chance to win two VIF (Very Important Foodie) all-access passes, to the World Food Championships from Nov. 1 to Nov. 4 in Las Vegas, plus a three-night hotel stay at a Caesars Entertainment hotel in Las Vegas.

You responded in great numbers by following The Daily Meal on Pinterest and pinning your favorite barbecue photo with the hashtag #BBQRoadtrip; downloading The Daily Meal's Best Dishes App for your iPhones, then uploading pictures of your favorite barbecue specialty; and mailing photos to The Daily Meal's offices in New York.

The winner of The Daily Meal's Ulimate BBQ Road Trip was Regina M. of Los Angeles. Congratulations to Regina M., who will share her experience in an upcoming feature on The Daily Meal.

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