Winemakers Read Wine Spectator's Reviews

Spinning off our favorite silly video, "Real Actors Reading Yelp Reviews," we now have winemakers reading their favorite reviews of wines. In honor of National Wine Week, we give you Jordan Winery's most dramatic readings of Wine Spectator reviews.

Sitting in front of fires with a dramatic score (obviously), John Jordan of Jordan Winery, Jean-Charles Boisset of Raymond Vineyards, and Daryl Groom of Colby Red read various columns from Wine Spectator's editors. (We particularly like Jordan's rendition of "I Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas — that's a hard song to translate into a serious reading.) Of course, it's all in good fun with Wine Spectator (Groom personally gives a shout-out to the author of his reading, Thomas Matthews). 

If you're still in the mood for some silly wine videos, then jump over to Jordan Winery's "Gangnam Style" parody — private jets and dance moves included. (It rivals the riesling rap for sure.) Let's be real, we need some silliness this week.