Win Your Dream Wedding!

Getting in gear for a wedding is no small financial feat. Your big day tends to come with a big price tag. According to, the average American wedding costs $25,000. And having a celebrity-style wedding? We are talking at least six figures. But having your dream day may not cost you a thing if you happen to be the lucky winner!

Click here to see the 15 Celebrity Wedding Dinners (Slideshow) is inviting engaged couples to compete for a chance to star in a million dollar wedding with their second annual Brides Live Wedding. Brides will pay for your wedding and let you and your sweetheart walk away with of $50,000 in prizes. The call for entries begins on Dec. 3!

Here are the details:

When: Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013

Where: Hopefuls can submit entries on the Brides Live Wedding page

Who: Engaged couples everywhere

What: Brides Live Wedding's call for entries begins the search for engaged couples who can submit a video detailing their special love story on the Brides Live Wedding Facebook page for the chance to star in a million dollar wedding! To enter, couples must submit five recent photographs, a two-minute video demonstrating why they deserve to win, and essays of 150 words each answering the following questions: 

●     Tell about yourselves and what makes you a great couple.

●     Tell how you knew he or she was the one.

●     When and where was the proposal? Did everything go according to plan?

●     Describe a perfect date night (or day). Where would you go and what would you do?

●     Why should you win Brides Live Wedding?

●     As a wedding gift, Brides will make a donation to the winning couple's favorite charity. Select the charity you would support and why.