Win Big with Team-Themed Tailgating

Change up the typical football tailgate by including team-themed foods

It’s time to dust off those grills and grab a bucket of beer because football season is back!

With this ultimate American pastime comes tailgating, a sport in its own right. Our favorite thing about tailgating is the variety of dishes that show up week after week as the season lingers on. We’ve learned one thing—variety is key. The best way that I’ve thought of to keep tailgates interesting and ever-changing is to get inspiration from the opposing team. Every team has a culture and dynamic that is all its own, including diverse cuisine and dishes that are essential to their city and their success.

Here are a few ideas to get the team spirit going on the grill:

New England Patriots: Clam chowder and lobsters

Philadelphia Eagles: Philly Cheese Steaks and Stuffed Italian Peppers

Cleveland Browns: Beer-Can Chicken, Fried Turkey and Roasted Pig

Buffalo Bills: Buffalo Wings, White Pizza and Kummelweck

Chicago Bears: Deep Dish Pizza and lots of Red Meat

Baltimore Ravens: Crab Cakes, Oysters and Hot Chowder

Dallas Cowboys: Big Texas Steak and Chili

Green Bay Packers: Bratwurst

Miami Dolphins: Cuban-inspired Food

Pittsburgh Steelers: Pierogies and Kielbasa

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The list can go on and on—as can the teams! Always remember that traditional fanfare, such as burgers and hotdogs, will always go a long way as well.