Will Giving Fit Kids Higher Marks Help Obesity?

Pierre Dukan (of the Dukan diet) suggests giving extra points to kids with a healthy body mass index

Well, this is an interesting theory: Pierre Dukan (of the controversial Dukan diet) thinks the future president of France should implement a grading system for weight in students' final exams.

In Dukan's latest book, An Open Letter to the Future President, Dukan suggests an "ideal weight" option for final exams, allowing students to earn extra points if they kept a healthy body mass index (BMI).

Students who are overweight at the start of a two-year course can earn double the points if they slim down over two years.

"The baccalaureate is really important in France," Dukan told Reuters. "Kids want to get it, their parents want them to even more, so why not get them to work together on nutrition?"

Obesity has become a rising problem in France, with the World Health Organization (WHO) finding 50.7 percent of the population overweight in 2010. An Open Letter also addresses 119 other suggestions for reducing obesity. It hit French bookstores Thursday.

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