Why You Need To Go Local For Flowers This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is easily one of the most significant holidays on the calendar — and certainly not one to forget or make a bad flower buying choice. It is the day to honor that amazing lady, who not only is your mom, but is your friend, your personal cab service, chef, and maid (to name but a few titles) as you grew up.

As Mother's Day rapidly approaches, it is an excellent opportunity to share why it is so crucial to use a local florist rather than go online and order through a major flower service, despite their offering a variety of tempting discounts during the preceding weeks.

They throw in seemingly tempting deals like "free vase." We get tons of calls asking if our flowers come in vases. Of course they do — we are florists. What's really scary is the guys that advertise super-discounted flowers. Guess what — those flowers show up in a box and only sometimes a vase, meaning Mom has to put together the arrangement herself. Trust us, making Mom do her own DIY Mother's Day is not the way to go.

There are many, many reasons to keep it local — below are five key ones which are all equally important:


People generally have no real perspective on what quality flowers cost and think it is a negotiable entity. We get the "Oh, I can get that in the grocery store for so much less." Yes, you can, but you absolutely get what you pay for. For example, we specialize in roses and import them every week from Ecuador. They are gorgeous, large headed roses and will last at least a week if properly cared for. As such, we are known in the entire city because of them — they are lovingly described as "roses on steroids." Without question the other ones will be dead the next day.


As a full service florist, all our designers are truly artists in their own right and can custom create a floral masterpiece in any size, color, and style for any occasion. Sounds flexible and accommodating, right?  You betcha — no website or wire service can compete with that.

Customer Service:

Singularly the most essential part of our business is customer service — without that there would be no business. If you buy from florists, you'll speak with a real person on the phone or in a store with a name who can advise you and offer you options of what can be created. If something goes wrong or you need to change something, such as your message or delivery date, we are at the other end of the phone and will remember your order.


We love our customers and they love us. We remember their birthdays and anniversaries, we get the guys out of trouble when they are in the dog house, we do corsages for their kids' proms and graduation and we gently nurse them through when they have lost a loved one. We understand our customers and know what they want before they even do.


This is as important to us as customer service, we are a local business in a local community and we do everything within our power to make sure our reputation is squeaky clean. In this digital age we are conscious of how easily a client could write a bad review or otherwise malign our business, and so we monitor everything. We know that word-of-mouth advertising is the best you can have and so every review, whether it is on Yelp, Google, or Facebook is taken very seriously and is responded too!

Juliet Kennedy, BloomNation.com florist and owner of The Rose Shacin Las Vegas, Nev.

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The Rose Shack:

Simply stated, The Rose Shack is committed to offering the most exceptional standard of floral artistry and the ultimate in customer satisfaction in Las Vegas. Our loyal clientele rely on us every day and we are privileged to have the opportunity to create a floral tribute that reflects the exact emotion our clients wish to send to say "I Love You," "Happy Birthday," "Congratulations," "Happy Anniversary," or "Just Because!"

Our team of super-talented design professional's custom crafts are the most stunning creations, utilizing the freshest and most striking selection of premium flowers. Our creations are unique, inspired, and reflect unusual combinations of color, texture, and exquisite styling. As our name suggests, we specialize in the most spectacular long stem roses in a gorgeous variety of colors that are flown in weekly from the farms in Ecuador.

Offering the most personalized of services, The Rose Shack is delighted to recommend a dazzling array of arrangements and accents for any occasion, from the most spectacular wedding party to corporate events and any type of personal celebration. We additionally offer a weekly corporate delivery program to business offices and restaurants, and a residential program that can be customized to suit your unique needs.

BloomNation.com is the "Etsy for flowers" and features more than 2,000 top local artisan florists who hand deliver to more than 3,000 cities nationwide. Customers can now shop directly with top florists without having to go through the mass marketing middlemen, all while receiving unique and one-of-a-kind arrangements. Each customer also receives an email of a "BloomSnap," which is a photo of the completed arrangement before it's delivered so the customer is ensured that what was ordered is what will be received.