Why Organic Tomatoes Are Worth the Buy

Study shows organic tomatoes are healthier than conventional tomatoes

Study shows organic Daniela tomatoes have higher levels of antioxidants.

Have you ever wondered if buying organic is really worth the extra money? When it comes to tomatoes, it may be worth it, according to a study by the University of Barcelona.

In a comparative study between organic and conventional tomatoes, the University of Barcelona discovered that antioxidant levels in the organic vegetable are significantly higher than their non-organic counterpart, reported the Daily News.

Scientists identified 34 unique phenolic compounds in Daniela tomatoes, which showed higher levels of antioxidants in the organically grown vegetable over the non-organic variety.

The study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry explained that plants grown without fertilizers and pesticides reacted to the environment by building their own defenses. The result meant higher levels of antioxidants, benefiting the tomato and the consumer.

Sean Flynn is a Junior Writer for The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @BuffaloFlynn