Whole Roast Chicken

Whole Roast Chicken
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A whole chicken, cooked on the grill, is a delicious summertime meal option. Cooking a whole chicken serves a larger group and keeps the meat very moist. Today, we prepared our whole chicken in a Cobb Grill. This grill is compact and the base of the unit remains cool, allowing you to do the cooking on any outdoor table. We chose a larger bird than the recipe called for (approximately 6 pounds) which took longer than an hour to cook and did require more charcoal. We followed the recipe pretty closely, but eliminated the turning every 10 minutes step, as we were concerned about losing heat when removing the lid. The chicken was extremely tender and flavorful. The skin did get brown, but not crisp. If you like crisp skin, we recommend removing chicken from the grill prior to reaching its ideal temperature (160 degrees) and placing the chicken in a 500 degree oven for 10 minutes. We always use a good digital thermometer to check the internal temperature of any meat — it takes the guesswork out of achieving the correct doneness.