White Bread Sales Slump As Wheat Bread Gains Popularity In U.K.

More and more people are discovering the nutritional benefits of whole grains, causing a transition from white to wheat. Because of promotional efforts for whole wheat in the United Kingdom, more wheat bread empties from grocery store shelves, and less white bread is sold, according to Food and Drink Europe.

Bread consumption in the U.K. has steadily dropped over the past few years at about two percent every year. While white bread is still the U.K.'s biggest seller, its decrease in sales has been the most considerable.

"We've been too successful in saying wholemeal (whole wheat) is good for you. What we forget to say is that white bread is good for you too," says Gordon Polson, director of the Federation of Bakers (FOB).

White bread supplies about 10 percent of fiber to a daily diet and contains large amounts of calcium and iron, according to Polson.

With hope for a white bread comeback, FOB launched a promotional campaign called Slice of Life to spread awareness of white bread's nutritional value.