Which Country Drinks The Most Coca-Cola?

Who's guzzling the most Coca-Cola these days? Not Americans: New numbers released from the Associated Press say that it's our neighbors to the south who are drinking the most Coke. 

Comparing the average per capita consumption of Coca-Cola of 14 countries, the AP found that Mexico leads the pack at 728. (The numbers are based on 8-ounce servings.) America, however, does come in at number two with 403. The numbers drop significantly after that, with the number three spot going to Canada, with 259, and then continue to drop off. At the bottom of the list? India (12) and China (38); the AP says the company is looking to expand the most in these two countries. 

It's important to note that it's not just the numerous Coca-Cola branded sodas that are counted; the numbers include sports drinks, juices, and bottled waters. And since the company's portfolio has 3,500 beverages to tout, it's easy to see how Coca-Cola rules the bev world. (One slight problem: the rising sugar habit of Americans.) Check the full list for more details.