Where Is the World's Most Expensive Club Sandwich?

For more than $30, you can get a pricey club sandwich in Paris

Sacre bleu! If you want to order a club sandwich in Paris, you might want to check the price again. A new study by Hotels.com named Paris as the most expensive destination to order a club sandwich. 

Based on the very official "club sandwich index," the web site researched nearly 750 three-, four-, and five-starred hotels to find the asking price of the club sandwich. The average price of a club sandwich ordered at a Paris hotel was approximately $33; the cheapest city to order the sandwich? New Delhi, for about $10. New York ranged in the middle for about $17.

Sounds silly to rate the price of a sandwich? The index actually provides a real look into the true cost of a vacation, said Alison Couper from Hotels.com to the Daily Mail. She said, "Everyday items such as food and drink are not always considered when deciding on where to go on holiday... With a Club Sandwich Index, holidaymakers are provided with the perfect way to assess the true cost of a destination." 

Check out the full list from Hotels.com.