Where to Shop for Your Home

Staff Writer
We warn you, after reading through this the urge to shop will overcome you

Create a home that's drool worthy with the help of these specialty stores.

Shopping, what a wonderful word.

Whether you’re a fashionista, a shoe addict, a die-hard food lover, or have a knack for home decorating, shopping, in one way or another is a part of your life. And there's something about shopping for home furnishings that really gets us (guys and girls) excited.

Let's Go Shopping!

Whether you love to express your style by shopping for accent tables, place settings, and kitchen islands or get a thrill from the structure of it all — the appliances, the flooring , and the design — there's a home supply store for you.

Whatever your preference, we’re here to supply a serious glossary of where to shop for your home. And based on what you’re looking for, whether it's copper pots and pans or a gorgeous beaded table runner, we’re guiding you in the right direction.

We’ve done the legwork — from coast to coast — picking out everything from big conglomerates to smaller, lesser-known boutiques that have tons of charm. Our home décor shopping guide will leave you mapping out every room of the house, with a serious emphasis on the kitchen — exactly how we like it.

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Again, if we've given you the urge to shop, we apologize — actually, we really don’t! Get to shopping!