Where Billionaires Eat

Billionaires can be just like the rest of us — they like to eat, drink, and be merry, too. While the members of the ultra-high-net-worth world can be illusive more often than not, they too want to be part of a cutting-edge restaurant scene, both nationally and internationally. Restaurants around the world have hosted billionaires, from the Eternal City to Australia and back around again to The Big Apple when they decide it's time to see and be seen.

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While the wealthy sector is often dining in the comfort of their own mansions, mega-yachts, or private jets, they can also occasionally be spotted eating alongside their lesser net-worth counterparts. While fine dining establishments like New York City's Per Se and Le Bernardin will simply never go out of fashion, dives and comfort food grub can also be compelling options, particularly for the likes of Warren Buffet.

From business meetings to birthday celebrations to over-the-top public tantrums, billionaires cause quite the stir when they frequent restaurants. In today's world of instantaneous news and social media, one well-placed tweet can let you know where those atop Forbes' billionaire list may be dining that evening, and perhaps what they are eating.