When Is Thanksgiving in 2013?

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Think it's too early to prepare for Thanksgiving? Think again

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Simplify your Thanksgiving planning by starting early and using The Daily Meal's Guide to Thanksgiving.

The same thing happens every year: you find yourself at the end of July starting to think about back-to-school supplies, then all of a sudden it’s Labor Day, then Columbus Day, then Halloween, and before you know it, Thanksgiving and the holiday season have crept up on you out of nowhere.

But apparently, Americans have started thinking about Thanksgiving earlier than ever, according to a Google search trends report. And why shouldn’t they? With the hoards of aunts, uncles, and grandparents that descend upon households during that week in November, planning ahead easily makes what could potentially be a very stressful few days worry-free (not to mention the fact that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will overlap this year!).

In 2013, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 28, leaving you plenty of time to prepare for your best Thanksgiving yet. Start thinking about sweet potatoes, stuffing, and — of course — turkey, as you count down the days toward entering one of the biggest food comas of the year. If you want to go ahead and mark off your calendar for the coming years, plan to celebrate Thanksgiving on:

Thursday, November 27 in 2014

Thursday, November 26 in 2015

Thursday, November 24 in 2016

Thursday, November 23 in 2017

Thursday, November 22 in 2018

Thursday, November 28 in 2019  

Thursday, November 26 in 2020

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Here at The Daily Meal, planning ahead is always on the brain for our Cook editors. With The Daily Meal's Guide to Thanksgiving, our editors are constantly gathering more recipes, menu ideas, and entertaining tips than you could ever possibly need in order to prepare yourself far in advance. And we wont just tell you what to cook, but we'll tell you how , and why, and even what type of pan you should do it in. While thinking about fall holidays in this sweltering July heat may seem strange, you’ll thank yourself later once you’ve hosted a stress-free Thanksgiving gathering. It’s never too early to plan ahead.