What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You on a Date

If your go-to double scoop is rocky road and a hint of strawberry, what does that say about you

Butter Pecan: You’re a little old-fashioned and maybe a little conservative. You’re a hard worker who is detail-oriented at work and in your social life. (And very respectful to your date.) So while you are kind of conservative, you also are a decadent person. Sure, you can be all business. But when you’re ready to unwind, you unwind with the best of them.

Chocolate: Chocolate is for kids at heart. You know how kids say the darndest things? Well, you say the darndest things. And since you get bored easily and don’t have a filter, you will tell people you are bored. Or that you don’t like them. Or that you aren’t having fun on your date. At least you’re honest. And when you do find someone, you’ll be really happy. You’re also really creative and talented, though, and very enthusiastic.

Neapolitan: Make up your mind! You have a trouble making decisions. You’re also kind of immature and like people to baby you.

Chocolate Chip: You’re all about fun. You’re into sports and like to compete. You laugh a lot and are really generous. Total extrovert — you’re the life of the party. But you are also pretty classic.

Double Chocolate Chunk: You share many characteristics with the chocolate chip lovers, but you’re way more extreme. You do whatever you want and just don’t give a damn. You’re like the chocolate chip lover… on crack.

Mint Chocolate Chip: You’re smart and kind of quiet. Your tastes are refined. And you are stubborn.

Rocky Road: You’re the boss of everyone and are used to people doing what you say.

Strawberry: You’re young at heart and very thoughtful. You don’t jump into unknown situations and love tradition. You’re committed in your relationships, although it takes you a long time to get to that point because you are kind of shy.

Vanilla: You my friend, are not vanilla. You are daring and experiment with a lot of new things, taking high risks and setting huge goals for  yourself. You are sure of yourself and don’t fall for trends just because they’re trends. And you’re stubborn. Ten million people could jump off a bridge and try to convince you to stop liking vanilla ice cream and you won’t do it.

Coffee: You’re lively, passionate, and pretty impulsive. You start things all the time and don’t finish them because you get bored easily and sometimes have a hard time focusing.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: You are really indulgent and party your a** off. You do what you feel like doing basically all the time, regardless of what your work schedule is or what other people think. You plan stuff for your friends and get them psyched to follow your lead. Your philosophy is, "Why not?" And you’ll try anything once. Or twice, depending on how drunk you were the first time.

Sorbet: You’re a liar. You don’t "like" sorbet. You’re on a diet.


— Lauren Passell, How About We


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