What We're Loving: Yield Design's Picnic Bags

Staff Writer
These all-purpose, nylon totes will become your go-to this summer
Yield Design

Even though the Fourth of July has come and gone, summer is still stretching on, and so are your opportunities for outdoor activities.

Yield Design’s picnic bags are the perfect means for transporting your supplies to the park this summer. Designed in a multitude of bright nylon colors, the picnic bag is waterproof and has plenty of room for storing whatever you may need to take with you out of the house. But the best part of the product is that the bags use zippers instead of seams so they can be unfolded and spread out along the ground — creating the perfect space to sit during a picnic and a way to keep yourself protected from the wet grass or dirt.

Based out of San Francisco, Yield was started by Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant after they met at the California College of the Arts. Their products represent their design-based backgrounds, as not only do Yield’s supplies boast innovative and original structures but they are also formatted for customers who live a vibrant, active life and wish to do so conveniently and in style. 

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Their nylon picnic bags retail for $56 a piece and can be purchased here