What We're Loving: Picture Perfect Parties By Annette Joseph

"I'm about to blow your mind," said food stylist, lifestyle expert, and now author Annette Joseph. "Your friends actually keep coming back to your house because they are there for you."

Sometimes we forget that throwing a great party comes down to the guests. We think of party planning as monstrous task, involving levels of stress and struggle, often forgetting that we host parties to be with the ones we love. The key to being a great host, as it seems, is keeping it as real as possible. Looking around your home and seeing the party potential in the things that you already have along with cooking comforting dishes that make your guests feel tended to are just two of the suggestions that Joseph has. And taking Joseph's advice is wise, as the longtime hostess has made a very successful career out of entertaining. Now, this premier stylist and hostess is sharing her secrets with her new book Picture Perfect Parties.

This is more than a cookbook with a few helpful tips. This really is the encyclopedia of partying, taking readers through a year of celebrations, and it's loaded with exquisite photography. Joseph takes us through her all of her secrets thoroughly and accessibly, so any level of crafter or cook can feel confident in trying any of her projects. From packing the party pantry to design and styling tips, this amazing book is all a host needs to have a successful soirée. To get a copy of Joseph's book, simply visit her site and grab order one today!