What We're Loving: C. Wonder's Ice Cream Maker

Even if you're watching your sugar intake this bathing suit season, there's no way you can say no to the adorable appeal of this bright green ice cream machine.

The ice cream maker, made by the whimsically preppy company C. Wonder founded by Tory Burch's former husband J. Christopher Burch, is not only cute but also easy, too—it allows you to create your own ice cream recipes in less than 30 minutes and its plastic shell ensures that you can simply wipe it clean, a must for all those sticky, ice-cream covered fingers that will surely be coming back for more.

So this June, fix yourself a bowl of homemade ice cream in one of C. Wonder's bright Ikat Nesting Bowls and relax in their preppy, pink and green patterned Inflatable Swim Inntertube—summer vacation never looked so stylish.