What We're Loving: The Spit Bucket's Essential Host Kit

Although not everyone is an oenophile, having wine on your table during a dinner party is essential for those who love a glass with their meal. The Spit Bucket, a brand full of simple and whimsical party solutions, brings together the fun side of wine and the essentials of hosting an intimate dinner with their Essential Host Kit.

Hosting a group of people while you're busying yourself in the kitchen cooking and prepping food can be frustrating for the entertainer and even more so for the guests. In order to avoid this, you can do two things — one, plan your time wisely next time around in regards to preparing dinner, or second, keep them busy with a little fun.

In the Essential Host's Kit, you'll find a "needs salt" apron, a mad-libs-style wine tasting game that contains 20 different games, and a set of cocktail coasters that are clever and eco-friendly.

It's a great gift for any host or just something fun to have on your side when you're hosting a group of people and have enough wine for an army — might as well make it entertaining, right?