What We're Loving: Present Time's Chalkboard Tea Pot

Hosting a house full of guests can be difficult, and when you're hosting a group that has various tastes, you need to accommodate them and give them options. Would they prefer hot dogs or hamburgers, vanilla or chocolate, coffee or tea — these are the types of options we're talking about.

If you should find yourself having someone over for tea or a hosting a tea party (fun!), you're going to once again have to offer options. Black? Green? Herbal? Sweet?

Everyone has their preference. When we saw Present Time's Chalkboard Tea Pot we thought it was a great find, for the simple fact that you can have options and clearly label them.

Whether it's between coffee or tea or seven different types of tea, state what's inside by scribbling the name across the surface. Or, if you're serving up just one type of tea, a love note or an endearing message will do just fine.