What We’re Loving: Prepara’s Roasting Laurel

Roast a healthier turkey — in style

During a hearty eating season like fall, it’s no surprise that turkey is the quintessential entrée for autumn's pivotal holiday, Thanksgiving. The ideal roast bird is stuffed and cooked for hours on end, as are many of autumn’s dishes. Slow and low are the key words during this cooking season, and in order to get the best dishes, you need the proper tools — especially when you’re responsible for feeding a large group. 

Prepara kitchen tools, a brand renowned for its innovative kitchen gadgets, has created a versatile, flexible, and healthy solution for roasting — the roasting laurel. Made from silicone, it looks like a wreath of sorts — like one Julius Caesar would have worn once upon a time — and is used to raise a roast from a baking dish in order to cook the dish faster. It also keeps foods away from oily, fatty drippings, making it a healthier cooking option as well. 

Additionally, the roasting laurel is bendable and nests into itself to adapt its form to the desired shape, whether you need it to keep stuffed peppers standing or gently support a fish for steaming.

Add Prepara to your roasting repertoire this season, especially on Thanksgiving!

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