What We’re Loving: Pottery Barn’s Owl Tree Spreaders Set

Set an ominous tone at your Halloween bash with these spreading knives

For any holiday, it’s always fun to really "set the scene" — for Christmas, perhaps a winter village or Santa’s workshop, for St. Patrick’s Day, heaping green arrangements — but for Halloween, things can get really spooky. 

Taking your décor to the next level — by creating a haunted house, a cemetery, or draping cobwebs around your house — really gets guests in the spirit. Here at The Daily Meal we like to get creative on the table, with accents, serving ware, and arrangements.

So we were extremely excited to see the festive tableware from Pottery Barn for Halloween. We love the punch bowls shaped like pumpkins and the candelabras in the shape of skeleton hands, but none got us more in the mood for Halloween than their spooky cheese spreaders: three owls sitting on a bare black tree branch. Creepy, right? 

For a really scary scene-setter, place the tree branch alongside a black chalkboard cheeseboard and instead of writing the names of the cheese on the board, create little tombstones and label the offerings with "RIP Gouda" or "Here lies Parmigiano" for an eerie effect.