What We're Loving: Pottery Barn's Dillon Coolers

Let's face it: coolers can tend to be a bit dowdy in appearance. Sure, you could argue that you shouldn't stress over looks when it's really all about utility, but it's nice to have products that are both useful and fashionable.

When it comes to Pottery Barn, we don't have to worry about style. Whether it's a tumbler, a serving platter, or an ice bucket, each of their products oozes sophistication and a little bit of panache. So when we came across this weave-like cooler set, we were hooked.

Perfect for picnics and days at the beach, the set includes a square, zip-around cooler that is great for storing food — and can fit up to 30 cans — and a cooler-esque tote that's great for carrying bottles of water — or booze! — to the beach.

When you're getting ready for a picnic, a day in the park, or a weekend at the shore, look no further, because these are our picks for how to tote your essentials in style.