What We're Loving: Nora Fleming's Mini Collection

When building a home for yourself or your family, you have to start with the basics. It's essential to have starter kitchen equipment, plates, glassware, and serving ware, which is why registries are so helpful. But creating a home takes time, so it will take a while to build up a collection of seasonal serving ware for every holiday or special occasion, whether because of space issues or financial ones. 

So when we came across Nora Fleming's platter and mini collection we were super excited — they're both small and affordable! The platters and trays are perfect for entertaining because they're simple and white, creating a blank canvas ideal for changing it up during each holiday. And the minis, which are little ceramic fixtures that are clipped to the corner of a platter, make the table more festive and seasonal. Minis included options like pumpkins, a turkey, a shamrock, a beach chair — by collecting many of them, you can set the scene at any time of year. 

Transform your serving ware from bleak to festive in seconds — head to Nora Fleming to see ideas!