What We’re Loving: Mini 'Beers' for Tailgating

Say cheers to football season while leaving the beer behind

Three cheers for these adorable mini-beers!

Booze and barbecues are as much American pastimes as football, so it is only natural that the two go hand in hand at a tailgate.Though tailgating is an informal event, if you are the one with the goods you still have hosting duties to attend to. Aside from making sure you have all of the adequate gear you have to plan a great menu and make sure guests are entertained.

One thing that is often overlooked is the drink menu at a tailgate gathering. After all, doesn’t everyone just love a frosty bottle of delicious beer? Believe it or not, you have to consider that there may not be as many beer drinkers as you’d like in attendance. But the solution isn’t a complicated one that requires tons of extra work. Aside from tasty make-ahead cocktails, you can have guests feel like a part of the gang with these adorable mini beer mugs from Licor 43.


With the help of natively Spanish Licor 43, a vanilla, citrusy, smooth drink, you can create a no-frills cocktail that will keep the non-beer drinkers totally satisfied. Just pour two-thirds of the liqueur into the mini-mug, top with heavy cream, and — BAM! — you have a smooth shot that looks like a beer with a foam lager head in a snap. Not only will you look like a fabulous host for remembering you non-beer brethren, you’ll be keeping in theme with the all-American tailgate spirit.