What We’re Loving: Knot & Bow’s Delicious Pencils

Head back to school with this ideal set of school supplies

Let’s face it, it’s happening and there's nothing you can do about it: school is almost back in session.

While you are prepping your kids for their first day — whether it’s their first first day and you’re packing up crayons and an afternoon snack or you're gathering all the dorm essentials for their first day of their last year — it’s time to get a little creative. It’s no secret that studying isn’t anyone’s favorite activity, so why not get ahead of the curve with some inspiring and witty school supplies?

To find special and creative supplies, we turn to Etsy. While Staples and OfficeMax will certainly suffice, the fabulous online marketplace is home to all things unique and crafty. So, when we came across these adorable pencils, we thought, let’s write a 10-page paper, let’s draw a picture, let’s do long division — alright, we may be getting ahead of ourselves a bit.

In any case, if your kids are either apprehensive about making new friends or need a little guidance to remind them to eat between those long study hours, look no further than these "Me & You" pencils by Knot & Bow. They feature bacon and eggs, meat and potatoes, milk and cookies — some of the greatest pairs of all time! 

Throw them in their backpack or in their suitcase as they prepare for their next big steps!