What We’re Loving: FredFlare’s Sprinkles Cupcake Scented Candle

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Smell the sweet scent of sugar and ice cream sundaes
Fred Flare

Since today is all about sprinkles — here's a guide on the sweet topping and how to make them at home — we thought why not add a sweet-smelling candle that we’re fawning over to the mix?

While I have my own personal source of sugary scents (my father has always smelled of mousse and buttercream due to his profession as a baker), you might want your own.

With all the sugar cookie, pound cake, and vanilla fig scents that are out on the market already, why not add a sprinkles scent to the list. Be immediately catapulted back to your childhood when mom baked a fresh batch of vanilla-frosted, rainbow-sprinkled cupcakes with one sniff of this candle from Fred Flare. The smell is uncannily close to original and the marriage of buttercream and jimmies will leave you in a confection-induced haze and send you running for an ice cream sundae stat.

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We think this would make for a great gift for the sweet tooth in your life!

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